19 thoughts on “We Find Them: Mr. Right Turns Out Wrong

  1. Juan Martinez

    I like the lady on red she knows what? up way to go baby u smart

  2. Phidelio2

    If you start out with the premise that you are being scammed and work backwords until proven otherwise then maybe just? maybe you will survive in this cyberworld

  3. Phidelio2

    There is a book out there called ‘Lies we tell ourselves’ it deals with the blindspots we create when we WANT to believe something and the warning signs we discard at the same time..?

  4. Angel Baby

    You’d? think 1 flag would be “I’ve went back to africa and I need money” D:

    And if you talk with them on the phone and they have an accent? like that, Hang up, and if they even so much as mention a word about “Western Union” its time for you to bail!? D:

  5. toddmastria1

    note to anyone….don`t send anything fedex to? Ghana

  6. toddmastria1

    Africa…accents…lend me money….GOVERNMENT DESTROYING GOLD AND? DIAMONDS….red flag anyone?

  7. barronzaren

    That? was just one of the examples, the list goes on.. :/

  8. snowangel223

    Molly IS an idiot for being scammed… but a lot of people call? it an ATM machine. Sure, it isn’t really correct, but it’s common and that seriously is the least of her stupidity.

  9. Cindy Khos

    Nigerian Romance Scammer: James Dyer, email: jamesdyer2@yahoo.com, yahoo messenger:? jamesdyer2, phone: 1-234-703-893-4768. Says from UK but has heavy Nigerian English accent. Says? moved to Norway when he was 10. Parents died? in car accident. Wife died from cancer and has 11 year old daughter and lives in London. Engineer contractor working? on bridge in Nigeria.? Will ask for money? to pay taxes on doccuments to release his pay. Sweet, then turns into real asshole after 2 weeks of romancing, ?

  10. barronzaren

    molly is a bit of an… idiot. I mean ATM machine? c’mon! automated? teller machine machine? seems legit…

  11. robert anderson

    Ghana police? service.get Africa online.com / Ghana police.info- MY CASE UNDER INVESTIGATION

  12. redvalleyful1

    the person who use this picture to scam money from my aunt here in HONGKONG his voice can be heard? from scammer in ghana exposed here in you tube he is i guess in his 50 but the picture shown here is a littl young the name in facebook is VICTOR MILLER

  13. redvalleyful1

    the person who use the picture of the military from GHANA goes by the name ERNEST IBOH C HE USE THIS NAME TO RECIEVE MONEY FROM WESTERN UNION, he use the same picture to scam my aunt of USD3370 but iwas able to see this picture in you tube that was used to lured ladies promising love and marriages and ask money his name KWEKO? AIDDOO TOO he said he is a U N DIPLOMAT he tried to scam more money of USD27000 with the of MRS. RITA ZANGANI

  14. Monica Pollinotz

    God will get the person or persons who are using stolen military id but? in the meantime people need to speak up when they been scamed and defend and take a stand and fight in what you belive in and get involed in letting others know and notify the local police and any other law enforement to bring these scammers to justice and also to help protect the real miliatary personal they have put their lives on the line for our country and our freedom and they deserve our help from in this as well

  15. marthagonzalez123

    I have encountered the same scam artist using this picture of the soldier. He went by the name Masson Cole. He tried to scam me also, but i didn’t fall for it. I did my research, I looked at romance scams and other websites to inform myself. My instincts where right. He tried to get me involved in black money. He claimed to be a soldier from Afga.. He also wanted me to send him money in Ghana for a ticket to come here. After i kept telling him? no he deleted himself from face book. Sept 2011

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