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26 per cent of voters said knowing High School Musical songs is a red flag

For the vast majority of us, it seems like dating and actually enjoying single life is a long, distant memory. Memories of being the ‘fun’ one who pulled loads in clubs to escape your boring friends in relationships, putting effort in getting dressed up for a date just for them to ghost you after, endlessly swiping on Tinder with an ounce of hope that you could meet them soon – we had it pretty good and 100 per cent took it all for granted.

When you find yourself staring at your ceiling for the 50th time in a day, your brain will probably take you back to some of those awful dates and failed relationships that left you wondering why you didn’t leave earlier. Did you really have to spend 40 quid on some snazzy drinks just for someone to seem disinterested in you for a few hours? Did you get tragically ghosted without any closure? Did you find yourself questioning where you went wrong, in the hopes of scavenging a failed relationship? If you answer any of these with a nod then it seems pretty clear that you need to freshen up on those red-flag-spotting skills. Time to do some revision and leave lockdown (a bit optimistic there but oh well) with your head held high in that bitter world of dating.

To find out what Liverpool students really consider to be red flags, we asked you on our Instagram and jheez did you have a lot to say. Some are generic, understandable red flags people with basic common sense would agree with, but others are just plain rude and you really ought to grow up if you agree with any of those ones.

For every poll, around 1,000 people responded which gives us some handy percentages to use. Here are the top red flags based on the percentage of those who agreed:

When they don’t ask you how you’re doing: 95 per cent agree

This one isn’t really a red flag, more like how to tell if you’re dating a human being or not. Not asking how someone’s doing? How are you even having conversations with each other? If you’ve been talking to someone for a bit and they don’t even have the decency to ask you how you’ve been then… no brainer here.

Telling you to lose weight: 90 per cent agree

No idea what’s more baffling: The fact that people have actually been told this by someone, or that 10 per cent of people think this isn’t a red flag. If you’re dating someone and they breathe a single word about your weight, run. 

Saying I love you too early: 85 per cent agree

Aww, aren’t the early days of dating someone so exciting? It’s all cute dates and spending time together and wondering where this is going- until one of you drops the L-bomb a tad too early and then ends things in a panic. Such fun!

Not being introduced to their mates: 82 per cent agree

You could just be a shy individual and may not want to be introduced, which happens, but they may also be hiding you from their friends because they’re hiding something bigger from you. Get chatting or just bin them off, your call.

You always ask them out: 71 per cent agree

Not showing any interest back is plain rude tbh, know your damn worth.

Cheating on an ex: 70 per cent agree

Shocked that only 70 per cent agree, but it’s quite sad how accurate the ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ mantra is sometimes. Prove them/myself wrong if you’ve messed up in the past (please do), but if someone you’re dating just casually mentions how they cheated then that isn’t the greenest of flags.

Having an ex’s name tattooed: 67 per cent agree

It’s like that ex you can’t shake off, only you literally cannot shake them off this time. If you’re out for dinner with your new boo, the ex is there. Having sex? Technically, the ex is there. You’re walking down the aisle and, oh yep, the ex is sort-of there. Like to think you’d be secure enough in the relationship to not have to worry about that, but still. They’re there. 

Talking about exes:  65 per cent agree

This boils my blood. Move on, it happened. Unless there’s a really nasty story which explains some emotional trauma or there’s a trigger to be wary of, just turn the page and start a new chapter already. Ah damn, your ex moved on only a month after splitting? Fab! Let’s have a chat to see if you’re feeling alright about that pal.

Being a Tab writer: 54 per cent agree

Nothing scares you off a person quite like them having a sense of humour I guess!

Their name begins with a J: 51 per cent agree

You know that Tweet that comes around on the TL every now and then reminding you to steer clear of boys with names beginning with a J? And remember, haha, those time you ignored that because you thought it was a myth? Not your best move. Stay woke.

Smoking: 48 per cent agree

For Liverpool students, I thought this would be a lot lower. Doesn’t everyone leave Liverpool with a tobacco addiction?

Still mates with their ex: 45 per cent agree

This one probably comes down to far deeper issues than just a simple yes/no to this being a red flag. If you’re feeling a bit nerved by your ex still being pals with their ex, maybe have a chat with them or figure out where the lack of trust comes from. If they’re the ones making you feel uneasy, dump them.


Knowing the words to every High School Musical Song: 26 per cent agree

If you don’t know the lyrics to every HSM song then I don’t know whether to pity you or honour you. Actually, pity – what did you do in Level? Just sway and wish you knew the words? How tragic.

Not being Facebook official: 16 per cent agree

16 per cent of you who voted on this one are probably below the age of 13 and need to get off social media and have a life.

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