Weekend is here, care to go on a video date? Dating apps offer video chats amid coronavirus pandemic | #tinder | #pof


Dating apps were once taboo in India but have now become socially accepted in some respects at least, where primarily urban youth and middle aged men and women are not shy to surf online for potential partners. There are a lot of options for people to choose from, some being Tinder, Ok Cupid, Bumble, Aisle and Filter-Off, for those who want some romance and are not ready to take the plunge to tie the knot.

“People have really accepted video as a way of dating. I am really excited in that respect. As horrible as this pandemic has been, it has collaterally pushed along the acceptance of video dating. I think that will continue as people see the efficiency of video dating. There is no way of phishing, you can see the person, see if you feel the vibe even before you meet. Speed dating on video is going to be the immediate future even after the lockdown,” adds Schleien.

Safety is a big factor when it comes to video dating. Tinder looks to allow people to video chat at a convenient time for both parties, while Filter-Off says they are adding more robust features, strict action is taken against anyone acting inappropriately and their account will be suspended. Of course, the rest lies in the judging capabilities of an individual, on who to trust and how much, whether on video chat or while meeting in person.

A counter question that can be raised is, how much to allow someone into the personal space when it comes to the initial stage of video dating? Is there already too much information being passed on? Could anything go wrong which is beyond the purview of the dating platform where strict action cannot be taken? There is always a risk, but how willing is someone to delve into the sphere of the unknown where who knows, one might just find love.

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