Weekly Horoscope For October 12–18, 2020, From The AstroTwins | #tinder | #pof


Lock down that data and soundproof the “war room.” (And hide the evidence while you’re at it!) The backspin, which lasts until November 3, begins in secretive Scorpio, creating the air of espionage until October 27. Then, the messenger planet moonwalks through Libra, demanding justice for the final leg of its journey.

And yes, you read those dates right. Mercury will be retrograde for the U.S. presidential election and all through voting season. We’re not remotely excited to share this news, especially with the reverse commute happening in such an intensely impassioned sign as Scorpio for most of the time! The last time Mercury was retrograde during a presidential election was during the divisive Bush–Gore fiasco in 2000 when the Supreme Court had to settle a recount dispute based on results in a single state (Florida).

On a personal note, this Mercury retrograde throws relationship imbalances into sharp relief. Whether you’re collaborating for romance or finance (or some other purpose altogether), whatever feels “unfair” can no longer be swept under the rug.

Ambiguity could breed all kinds of issues, from resentment to contempt. But how best to discuss these hot-button topics? During this three-week cycle, it might be best to first brainstorm with outside advisers before bringing any “creative solutions” to the negotiating table. And with legal beagle Libra involved, consult an attorney if you’re wondering about what that fine print really means in a contract.

Still holding a torch for that Tinder date—or the one that got away? Exes have a funny way of popping up while Mercury’s retrograde, and with the reverse commute going down in relationship-focused Scorpio and Libra, don’t rule out a reconnection (or reconciliation). But if stirring this pot will dredge up toxic memories, leave the lid on it and seal it shut! That might be easier said than done on Friday.

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