What #Louie #Anderson Can’t Travel Without


The comedian and actor Louie Anderson has been traveling the country doing standup almost weekly since the early ‘80s. He plays Christine Baskets in the Zach Galifianakis-led comedy “Baskets” on FX1, for which he won an Emmy in 2016, and his book “Hey Mom: Stories for My Mother, But You Can Read Them Too” was published in April.

Mr. Anderson travels for work around 100 days a year. “I love going to the Midwest, anywhere in the Midwest, ‘cause that’s really my home base as a person,” he said. “I grew up in St Paul, Minn. So I love all that.” His home, though, is in Las Vegas, and his suggestion to tourists is to do their research ahead of time. “They should really do their homework before they come to Las Vegas — read the reviews and go see shows they think they would really like; and they should really plan out what they’re going to do because it’s a town that can whirl you into the whirlpool, and you can get lost in it.”

He’s not a light packer, at least partly because of the extraordinary number of odds and ends he brings with him. His suitcases, which he said he recently got down to two from three, are filled with spare buttons, Q-tips from a hotel room, a pick from the Dave Matthews Band, coins from different places he’s been and a pair of mittens, no matter the weather.

“I love when people give me stuff, and I cherish it,” he said. “I have a whole area in my house where I put fan art and fan appreciation stuff.” He also carries a significant amount of it with him when he travels: a hand-sewn cloth carrot, a seashell, two rubber ducks, fan portraits of Christine Baskets, appreciative notes from fans and even a miniature red Croc shoe, because that’s what Christine wears. “These are the things that I’ve probably carried in my bag, maybe some of them for 10 years,” he said. “I always go to clean it out, but I can never throw those things away. I think they really do give me luck.”

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/23/travel/louie-anderson-travel-tips.html