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Are you a vegan who likes kombucha? Are you real, lit, or looking for a real lit match? Do you even know what these words mean? If not, you probably need to lower your expectations on Tinder. Yesterday, the dating platform – which has an estimated 50 million users worldwide – released its Year in Swipe roundup: an analysis of user data and activity in the last year, that tells us how the world dated on the app in 2019.

From Kombucha to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’ve gone through the data to tell you what people were talking about the most in 2019 on Tinder.

Australians are wide awoke

Unlike in the US and the UK, Australian Tinder bios were full of almond milk, avo toast and the keto diet. Among those under the age of 25 – now the biggest age group on Tinder – the word vegan saw a 112% increase in Australian bios in 2019, and the word “kombucha” saw a 150% increase. Because nothing quite says “I love you” like good gut health and cutting your carbon footprint in half.

Woke was also the most used word in Tinder bios in Australia – in the US and the UK, the word woke was the seventh most popular word.

Mission: possible

In 2019, young Tinder users are really interested in what your cause is. Among Generation Z, the most used term on Tinder was “cause” or “mission”, and in particular, issues such as climate change, social justice, environment and gun control were close to Tinder users’ hearts.

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, we’ve got you – we’ve drafted a little chat-up line for you to try: “Are you my reusable coffee cup? Because I’d like to have more than one drink with you.”

Elizabeth Warren as a prime topic?

Maybe it’s the way she collects billionaire tears and helps them work out their taxes. Maybe it’s the way that she floored an aggressive Joe Biden, during the Democratic debates – a man who she would definitely beat in a push-up competition. Or maybe it was her quick-witted response to an outdated question on equal marriage. Whatever it is, Elizabeth Warren has earned fans on Tinder.

Warren was one of the most mentioned politicians in Tinder bios and in conversation and saw four times more mentions this year compared with 2018 (Kamala Harris was mentioned twice as much).

The list of politicians spoken about on Tinder skews slightly female: the list of top political figures also includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Thunberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.

But what about the white men? I hear you ask. They’re doing OK – and the top talked-about political men were: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and surprisingly, Robert Mueller.

Everyone loves Drake

Drake’s In My Feelings was the top Spotify song for Tinder users in every country in the world – so if you’re really flagging, just ask your Tinder crush if they’re riding and see what comes of it.

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