What’s Sexy and What’s Cute? A Woman’s View on Men


Are you what women consider sexy? Or are you someone who is considered cute? If you’re unsure, here’s the difference in the eyes of women.

Ah, yes. The age-old question of what is cute and what is sexy. Men everywhere want to know the difference, and we women have been too secretive to give it out. Until now, that is!

I grew up with a lot of guy friends, and in order for them to better gauge their own attraction, they often asked me if certain guys were good-looking or not. My replies mostly consisted of “Oh, he’s cute, I guess,” and that kind of frustrated them. Men don’t see “cute” as being a good thing, and I’m no expert as to why!

So when I replied that they were cute, they shrugged, or nodded, or gave some other relatively nonchalant reply, and got on with their days. But for some reason when I said, “Oh yes! He’s sexy,” they immediately wanted to know how and why, and what specific characteristics made them that way.

There are far too many factors that go into deciding if a man is sexy or cute that are completely beyond our control. So, to truly understand what makes the difference, we have to look into attraction on a more scientific level. [Read: The mental checklist – How women evaluate the men they date]

How attraction works

Basically, attraction is a form of evolution—think Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Our job, as a species, is to survive, and that’s what our bodies are truly made for. This is why things like pheromones come into play. Aside from that, there are visual aspects of people that suggest better mating qualities.

We’re not aware of it at all, but it’s still there. For this reason, people have specific “types,” meaning that their brain is basically assessing someone else’s genes and deciding if the two of you would make successful offspring. That’s why some people think certain guys are only “cute,” while others find those same men “sexy.”

What’s sexy and what’s cute?

Even though women have different preferences when it comes to what is physically attractive in a man, there are definitely an array of similarities that all women agree on. We have compiled these similarities to tell you just what makes a man sexy and what makes him cute.

What’s cute?

Men don’t usually like being called “cute,” and I’m not sure why. Maybe they just picture a little kid when we say that word, and it makes them cringe. But in all actuality, it’s their actions that mostly make up what is cute in them.

#1 When you talk about your family. Nothing makes a girl view a man as being adorable more than when they talk about their family. Women think it’s so cute that you care enough about them to be actively talking about them in your daily life.

This shows that you not only have a heart, but that you could be a great addition to a family someday. And if there’s anything involving a man and a small child, women will melt at that cuteness! [Read: 23 foolproof relationship advice and tips for men]

#2 When you tell us how pretty we look. Whenever a girl replies, “awwww” to something you say, she is gushing about how cute you are being! If a guy finds the time to comment on our physical appearance in a non-demeaning way, he is so cute, we can hardly stand it!

#3 When you show us your softer side. I don’t know about all of you, but when a guy cries at the movies *if it’s an actual sad movie*, I just melt. To me, nothing is cuter than a guy who has a softer side.

When a guy can let down that barrier and really just be in the moment, it is so touching and adorable that we women just can’t help ourselves. That is definitely a cute trait, if I’ve ever seen one.

#4 If you open up to us. If we’re having a conversation and you divulge your deepest secrets or your greatest dreams, that is just plain CUTE! I mean how adorable is it that you trust us enough to offer such intimate details?

This cute trait not only gives us an inside at your goals, but it encourages us to open to up, as well, so we can share our aspirations with you! Not much can be cuter.

#5 All of your little quirks. The way you flip your hair to the left, or the way you never bend your bendy straw—all of those little things that make up you, as a person, are what we find cute. Everybody has little quirks about them, and these are the things that women find cute. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls love]

Things that make men sexy

Sexy qualities in a man definitely derive from anything making us want to take our clothes off and hop in between the sheets with them! The differences between cute and sexy are found in both attitude and appearance. While many of the things that are cute can also be seen as sexy, these 5 things are what every woman finds sexy in a man.

#1 You grow facial hair. Mhm! I think I speak for every woman out there *maybe besides a few* when I say that facial hair is downright sexy as can be—mustaches aside.

I think this comes from a primal instinct in women. In our subconscious mind, we see men with facial hair as more manly and able to produce healthy offspring—and that’s enough to get our engines fired up! A well tamed beard, stubble, or even a goatee is definitely sexy. [Read: Just what do women think of your facial hair?]

#2 You take charge. Women love a man in charge. How many times have you heard that one? It’s so true! It’s so sexy when a man can really take the lead, and show that they’re in charge and nobody can mess with them.

#3 You do housework. Oh yes. This one is a big one. For some reason—and maybe it has to do with us ladies always having to tend to it—when a man gets down and dirty with the dishes in order to clean the house for us, we can’t help but find that sexy.

A man doing any sort of work around the house is such a sexy trait, because it’s them taking charge and showing they are capable of something other than playing X-box or wowing us in bed.

#4 You wear sweatpants. Honestly, this one is a mystery. I don’t think anyone—even a scientist—could explain why every man who puts on a pair of sweatpants becomes 80 times sexier. Maybe it has something to do with them seeming to have a care-free attitude, but either way, it’s deliciously attractive. [Read: 10 things men can do to make themselves more attractive]

#5 Muscles! I bet you all knew this one already. Women just can’t get over the delectable nature of a muscular man. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have super visible muscles, you aren’t sexy. It only means that more muscles = a higher sexy rating.

This must be a primal instinct, as well, because big muscles mean that a man can provide for and protect his family—even if that’s not the case. This definitely feeds into women’s motherly instincts, and makes us want to get naked with any man who has definition!

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I think we can all agree that the ultimate distinguishing factors that make men either cute or sexy are their actions and appearance. Even though many women may find different things cute or sexy about a man, all of the findings above seem to be a common factor amongst the masses.

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