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WhatsApp was first owned by Facebook dating back to 2014. During that time, WhatsApp stated that user data will not be shared with Facebook. However, as times progress, shared user data between the social media platforms will come into effect on 8th February 2021.

Now, WhatsApp is giving its users two options, either agree to share their personal information with Facebook or delete their accounts.

Source: Ars Technica

According to a report by XDA, WhatsApp is sending in-app notifications to its consumers about a new change in policy. This involves the sharing of user data with Facebook that will be used for a variety of reasons.


Some of the reasons mentioned include providing assistance in developing infrastructure and delivery systems, ensuring safety, security, and integrity across Facebook Company Products, and integrating WhatsApp with others under the social media company’s umbrella.

One of the most notable reasons among them is that users’ WhatsApp data will be used to present users’ personalised advertisements. Fortunately, texts and voice, as well as video calls, remain encrypted for users.

Source: Wired

Something similar already happened back in 2016, so this change isn’t in any form new. Although, the main difference back then was that users could opt out. Today, if you want to back out, you’ll have to stop using WhatsApp entirely. If you happen to live in the European Union, this doesn’t apply to you.

A reminder for anyone using WhatsApp to be on the lookout for an in-app alert that will direct users to agree with the changes in the company’s term of service.

Sources: Lowyat, Arstechnica.

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