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Actor Arjun Kapoor has talked about the hurt he still feels after his mother Mona Shourie’s death. In a recent interview, Arjun opened up about the void she left behind and how he and his sister Ansula Kapoor coped with the huge loss.

Speaking to Zoom, Arjun said his life feels incomplete without his mother. “Something that I can share now….we had not touched her room for six years. But then the point is, it’s not a normal thing to do, have one room completely locked up forever when you don’t have place in the house right? But it’s just that for me and Anshula, this house is her…So every day I go out make people happy, make myself happy, work, act in movie, celebrate being a star and there’s love and selfies, mazza aa raha hai, shooting kar rahe ho, your living the dream job. And then when you come back home, and I can’t tell her what I did. So it just feels like incomplete. Whatever I do in my life, that void will stay forever,” he said. Mona was the first wife of film producer Boney Kapoor. She died in 2012.


Arjun says that he envies people who have their mother’s support. “I don’t know. It’s been eight years (since his mother passed away) but I am still not an expert on dealing with it. It’s not like I can give you any kind of take on it because every day is a new struggle. It’s like your backbone is broken and they tell you to walk. They just snapped your back and suddenly tell you to stand up and take care of yourselves, you got to be a man, be a boy, be understanding, be cool, be sophisticated, be young, be mature, take it with a pinch of salt, don’t react, get emotional, but don’t get too emotional. Everything is being told but you don’t have that stablity at home to do those things. So I envy those people who have that stability to go back home to their mothers because that makes a difference,” he said. Arjun added that the stability in his life now comes from his sister Anshula.


Arjun recently celebrated eight years of his debut film, Ishaqzaade. He shared pictures of the script of the film along with some scribbled notes from eight years ago while expressing gratitude to the film’s cast and crew on the special occasion.

Recalling the making of the movie, the 34-year-old star wrote in an Instagram post: “Yesterday I found my original shooting script of Ishaqzaade with notes scribbled in them from 8 years ago. At that point of time in my life, self-belief was one thing that mattered the most for me & that’s what I got out of Ishaqzaade.”

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Thanking Parineeti Chopra, his co-star in the romantic-drama, Kapoor wrote, “Parineeti for being the best co-star that I could have wished for & the entire team of Ishaqzaade for being patient with me every day on the shoot – all your silent support made me believe that I could do this, but most importantly Thank you all of you who welcomed me & that wicked smile of mine !!! (PS – that’s me actually looking at the sun & reminiscing in the first picture.)”

Helmed by Habib Faisal, and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films, the 2012 film marked Arjun’s debut in Bollywood.

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