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Arsenal fans are the most likely in the Premier League to get a match on Tinder, according to research done on the dating app.

You might think your looks, choice of pictures and what you’ve got written in your bio decides whether or not someone swipes right on your dating profile, but apparently that’s not the case.

Compare.bet did some research where they set up the same Tinder profile 20 times with the only thing that changed was the team that the man supported and pictures with him in the different shirts to match.

Each account swiped right on 250 women and they then sat back to watch the matches roll in, with the Arsenal fan getting 238 of them.

Arsenal top the table finally. Image: Compare.bet

Clearly if you’ve got an Arsenal shirt hanging around anywhere, even if it’s a flatmates, then you need to take a picture of yourself in it and get it on your profile.

Spurs fans on the other hand might want to find a different shirt and something else to say on your bio, clearly all those years without a trophy makes you less attractive.

Equally Liverpool fans clearly exude success compared to their Merseyside neighbours Everton who are down in 10th.

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Winning titles is sexy. Image: PA Images

With Manchester United actually coming above their local rivals City in a table for the first time in ages you’d start to think it was more about the colour red than success.

The top three all wear red for their home shirt, although Pep Guardiola’s team and Leicester City round up the top five wearing blue.

To add further questions about the red, Southampton sit bottom of the table so the stripes clearly aren’t as complimentary as you’d think, especially with Newcastle not far above them.

On that list Chelsea were second, with Manchester United fans in third, Arsenal in fourth and Burnley in fifth.

Clearly football fans have slightly different tastes to non football fans.

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