Which Zodiac Sign You’re Most Likely To Match With On Dating Apps, According To Astrology | #tinder | #pof


Who’s swiping right for you?

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and PlentyOfFish have made dating both more accessible and more complicated. Sure, you can find the one with a couple of taps and swipes, but you can also find a lot of not-so-worthy matches.

For many singles, we don’t always have a choice but to turn to trusted dating apps to find the one.

Say your busy schedule — or, I don’t know, a global pandemic — is preventing you from going out and meeting people in person. These apps can be very useful for passing the time or even developing deep connections.

But how do you know who to match with if you only have a couple of photos and a short bio to go by? 

Understanding how your zodiac sign uses dating apps could be the tool to find the right match for you.

Sure, a lot of people don’t include their zodiac sign in their bio (it would save us all some trouble if we did!), but knowing who to be on the look out for could filter out some frogs when you’re connecting with your matches. 

Here’s which zodiac sign you’re most likely to match with on dating apps.

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