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A newly-launched online dating service seeks to do what every other dating website does, except it’s only for white people.

WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com was launched in late fall, but it didn’t really take off until a billboard placed in Salt Lake City, Utah, made people take notice. Its goal, as you’d probably expect, is to help white people meet each other.

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“People ask all the time ‘Why White People Meet’? I always say, why not? Just about every other race, religion and walk of life have dating websites, so why not Where White People Meet?”

Um, OK. The reason why niche dating websites like JDate and BlackPeopleMeet are available is because these groups are considered minorities, meaning that by design there aren’t as many potential matches if people are looking for dates with similar racial backgrounds. On the other hand, white people make up the vast majority of online daters, so the need for a whites-only website isn’t necessary.

“I just thought it was kind of strange they would put it in Utah,” NAACP Salt Lake branch President Jeanette Williams told the Salt Lake Tribune. “A large population here is white. So you’re going to put up billboards here so you can meet other white singles? Every day you can meet white singles.”

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The membership has increased seven-fold in the week since the billboard went up, but that’s not impressive, given that the current total is only 732.

Despite the name, the people behind WWPM says anyone can join as long as they follow the golden rule of “treat others as you want to be treated” and stay away from “rude, aggressive or racist behavior.” But their view of “anyone” is limited to heterosexual couples — no same-sex searches are allowed.

The cost to join is $4 to $6, but some snarky commenters on the website’s blog give other ideas for finding dates without the price tag.

“White people have lots of places to meet — Whole Foods, Starbucks, a lacrosse match, NASCAR… did we need an isolated website? Thank you for the laugh.”

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