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Contestants on The Amazing Race are no strangers to fierce competition once things get started. And when Alana Folsom and Leo Brown were cast on the show together less than a year after they started dating, it became not only a test for them to win the prize, but also a test of their new relationship.

As the couple speeds toward victory, they are also navigating their relationship and how they can or can’t count on each other. Well, maybe the more appropriate term would be that they are inching toward it, being that they narrowly missed being eliminated in the Oct. 28, 2020 episode. 

Although they have a while to go before they make it to the top of the leaderboard, Alana and Leo are still gaining traction among fans, who are more curious than ever about them.

Who are Leo and Alana from ‘The Amazing Race’?

The couple started dating just 10 months before they began their journey to $1 million on The Amazing Race. They began training six months before they started filming, however, meaning that they had a lot of faith in each other after dating for just a few months from a Tinder connection. That’s right — the two brainiacs who plan to use their intelligence to downplay their athletic prowess met on a dating app and managed to make a strong enough connection to go on The Amazing Race together.

In their official show bio, Leo said he wants to use the show to prove to Alana that he’s a “keeper” and Alana said she hoped to “gain a better understanding” of Leo. Nothing like racing across the world with money on the line to bring you either closer together with your partner or drive you both apart.

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Outside of The Amazing Race, they both have impressive jobs. Leo works as a data analyst in healthcare and Alana works in communications at MIT and Harvard. Together, they are every bit as brainy as their fellow competitors might view them, but so far, they have proven themselves worthy of the physical aspect of the competition too.

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Leo also isn’t shy about his political beliefs and rallied for Elizabeth Warren on Instagram in March 2020, writing, “It’s time for a woman in the White House.” And Alana’s love for the outdoors on her Instagram shows how much sense it made for her to embrace the world travels that The Amazing Race afforded her and Leo as a couple — even if the show came into their lives 10 months into their relationship.

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