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Controversies and rumors surrounding celebrities professional and personal life is nothing new, and this time the talk of the whole entertainment news world is the iconic singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez or popularly known as JLo. One of the most asked questions regarding her current personal life is who did Arod cheat on with JLo, or is it a rumor. Arod, also known as Alex Rodriguez is a widely recognized personality for his professional baseball career as shortstop and third baseman. Arod and Jennifer started dating in February 2017 and they soon became the celebrity power couple, as both of them are successful and look beautiful together.

The couple made multiple headlines by their iconic red carpet outfits, or public display of affection, or mentioning each other in interviews. The duo got engaged in March 2019, and when asked about Jennifer, Arod replied that her work ethic, vision, the principles are hard to find in someone else. Everyone shipped them together, however, in April 2021, the couple called off their engagement breaking millions of fans’ hearts.

The couple captured huge media attention over their chemistry

This might seem like a normal breakup but it is not, as the breakup gave rise to multiple media and public speculations as they wondered why did the couple breakup, which also ignited the controversy of who did Arod cheat on JLo with or is it a rumor. From a secret source, we get to know that Jennifer is devastated and broken by the breakup, and her trust is completely shattered. It is believed that Jennifer and Arod did not break up over a single incident, but there was an issue that affected their relationship was that Arod was disloyal to the music sensation, and the cheating rumors surrounding Arod are probably true. So, who did Arod cheat on JLo with? let us know more about it.

Who Did Arod Cheat On Jennifer With, Or Is It A Rumour

The two celebrity icons were often spotted in award functions, during their relationship

Who Did Arod Cheat On JLo With?

Alex Rodriguez, or popularly known as Arod, has a nice record of being a ladies’ man, as he is charming and charismatic and wins over their hearts easily. However, this might not always be a nice thing as he has also had a record of extramarital affairs previously. His ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez with whom he got married in 2002 and also shares two children, Natasha Alexander and Ella Alexander together has accused him of cheating on her and having other marital misconducts. It was believed that the person whom he cheated on her was Madonna, though both of the celebrities denied the news.

Who Did Arod Cheat On Jennifer With, Or Is It A Rumour

It is highly suspected that Madison is the woman, Arod cheated on Jennifer with

Now getting back to Arod and JLo’s breakup, it is reported that Arod cheated on JLo with Madison LeCroy who received recognition from the television show, ‘Southern Charm’. On the seventh sequel of the show, a conversation of Madison having an affair with a former MLB player came up, and the person who mentioned it was Conover, a member of the show Madison apparently has a beef with. Though the name of the player got censored, people started doubting that the player is none other than Arod. As soon as the news spread, the alleged people who cheated JLo had to come up with an explanation. Rodriguez clearly denied the rumors and stated that he didn’t even know LeCroy.

However, on the other hand, Madison agreed to the rumors partially saying that the former player who was mentioned was actually Arod, however, they just spoke in Instagram DMs, facetimed each other, and nothing was involved physically which can be considered as cheating. She also added that she never saw Arod, neither touched him so the rumors might be false.

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All We Know About Things After They Broke Up

Jennifer and Arod jointly posted a statement where they revealed that they are no longer together as a couple, however from close sources, we got to know that Arod is still thinking of coming back together, and is trying to win over Jennifer again. He even made an Instagram post with “Jennifer and Alex” written on sand, a few hours before their official breakup announcement. However, it seems like Jennifer is not willing to get back and is facing dating rumors with her ex, Ben Affleck.

Who Did Arod Cheat On Jennifer With, Or Is It A Rumour

Arod and Jennifer broke their two-year engagement

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