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BJ NOVAK is an actor best known for his role in the sitcom The Office alongside Mindy Kaling, playing her love interest on the show. 

Rumors swirled on the internet that the two were an item in real life but Mindy and Novak insisted that they were mostly friends, despite dating in 2014.


Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak played a couple in The OfficeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is BJ Novak?

Benjamin Joseph “BJ” Manaly Novak, 41, is an American actor and producer. 

He is best known for his role as Ryan Howard in the NBC sitcom The Office. 


The two insisted they were ‘just friends’ after attending several red carpets togetherCredit: Getty Images – Getty

On the show he has a complicated relationship with Mindy Kaling’s character, Kelly Kapoor as the two navigate their careers and keep their love on the low. 

BJ also went on to star in episodes of The Mindy Project, which is Mindy Kaling’s show, The Newsroom, Community, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Is he dating Mindy Kaling?

Ever since the two starred in The Office fans were intrigued by their relationship on the show.

Rumors of them being an item off-cameras began to swirl and BJ addressed that the two could never confirm if their friendship was more than what fans of the show wanted for them. 


BJ claims he was never able to confirm their relationship statusCredit: Getty Images

“No one, including us, ever really knew, ‘Is this dating? Is this not dating?’ We were never really dating, we were never really not dating?,” BJ told Vulture magazine in 2012. 

“We didn’t know. No one knew,” he added. 

“All you’d know for sure was that you’d always find one of us next to the other, even if we weren’t getting along.”

However, Mindy once admitted that BJ broke her heart and “broke up with her” in 2014. 


In 2014 Mindy said BJ and her had ‘broken up’ a while backCredit: 2013 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

“It was years and years ago that that breakup happened,” she told the Howard Stern show. 

“I was so sad, not angry, sad.”

Stern asked her if she would have married him if he asked, she replied, “At the time? Yeah. I was 24. For the record, if anyone asked me to marry them, I would have said yes.”


Fans of The Office were rooting for BJ and Mindy to be an item off-camerasCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What did Mindy say about BJ?

Mindy admitted to not knowing where her and BJ stood in terms of their relationship status back in 2015. 

“I will freely admit: My relationship with BJ Novak is weird as hell,” she told InStyle magazine.

“He is not my boyfriend, but he is not my best friend. I guess you could describe our relationship as a ‘romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments,’ but I don’t think Facebook would accept this as a new status.”


She cleared the air in 2019 when she said that they were not romantically involvedCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Yet, in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in 2019 she cleared the air in terms of their status and added that they are no longer involved in any romantic fling.

“I’ve known [BJ] for 16 years,” she told CBS Sunday Morning. 

“We met each other when we were 24, and we’re about both going to be 40 in about a month,” she added. 

“Anyone who’s known each other for that long … I think it’s nice, I like when people think it’s more romantic or sparkly or interesting than it is.” 


Mindy and BJ also co-wrote several episodes of The Office togetherCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Mindy continued: “It isn’t the thing that people sometimes think it is. He’s really part of my family now, which is great. Even though that’s less of a sexy characterization of our relationship, I think it’s a deeper and a closer one.”

“It’s nice. We do spend a lot of time together and it’s a great blessing in my life,” she concluded. 

Who is Mindy Kaling’s baby daddy?

It is unknown who the father is of Mindy’s newborn baby named Spencer.

She has yet to reveal his identity.

It is unlikely that she will as Mindy is notoriously private when it comes to her love life.

Fans believe that she is not married as she reveals very little about her personal life.


She recently revealed that she gave birth to baby Spencer on September 3Credit: Instagram

In addition to her newborn, the star has another daughter named Katherine Swati, 2.

Fans have been vocal in the past about hoping the father of Mindy’s babies is BJ, but she revealed that he is simply the godfather to Katherine.

“But the truth is that BJ is so much more like family now than a platonic friend,” she told Good Housekeeping magazine. 

“He’s the godfather to my daughter, he comes over like once a week. 

“Sometimes he’ll come over just to hang out with her,” she added.


The star already has a two year old daughter named Katherine Swati to whom BJ is the godfather ofCredit: Instagram

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