Why FODA (Fear of Dating Again) has been added to our dating vocabulary during the pandemic | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

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Dating before the pandemic certainly had its challenges, but after a year of dating yourself in quarantine, the idea of dating again is likely full of dread and terror, as reported by Metro.

Dating app, Hinge, has even coined a new phrase for this kind of romantic ambivalence; FODA – the fear of dating again. 

It’s no doubt this phrase will become familiar to many even with the eager vaccine rollout and the “new normal” beginning to feel attainable.

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“The ongoing uncertainty and FODA will still permeate our lives,” Mashable states, suggesting that you should feel the fear and do it anyway.

This is how:

Start by setting your intentions

These can constantly change or evolve, but it will help to know what you’re looking for to begin with.

Be honest about your Covid safety measures

Perhaps you’re okay with outdoor dates or fully immunised candidates only.

Metro reminds you there’s nothing wrong with continuing online. Video dates are an efficient way of assessing compatibility. They can also buy you more time to build your resilience against your FODA.

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Ultimately, clear communication is always a good foundation for a relationship, so muster up the courage to call your FODA out.

It’s likely you are not alone.

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