Why It’s Awesome Being Single on Valentine’s Day

You may think that being single on the day of love will suck, but here are some reasons to revel in the fact that you’re single and ready to mingle!

Wherever you go, there are flower bouquets, chocolates on sale, cheesy couples holding hands, and whatever lovey-dovey nonsense that only pops up whenever it’s Valentine’s Day. Not to sound bitter, but if love exists between two people, shouldn’t it show up all throughout the year?

Every time Valentine’s Day is mentioned, singles all throughout the world worry about what they’ll do on that dreaded day, when their singledom will be rubbed right in their faces. Yes, it can be tough, but if you think about it, you can always make the best of the situation.

The best thing about being single on Valentine’s Day

Believe it or not, there are a couple of things that make Valentine’s Day an absolute treat for all the single guys and gals in the world!

#1 Chocolates come cheap this time of the year. With all the people with significant others flocking to grocery stores to buy those campy heart-shaped confections, you can just sit tight and wait for the prices to drop like anvils.

Chocolates that don’t get sold immediately after Valentine’s Day will conveniently go on sale, because, let’s face it, when else would anyone want to get tacky heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates? You, single person, can grab all the endorphin-raising chocolates you desire, and you can enjoy it without even having to share! [Read: Did you know that chocolate is one of the quickest stress busters?]

#2 Two-for-one deals. Since Valentine’s Day is said to be a money-making business perpetuated by whoever came up with the holiday, there will be tons of two-for-one deals in restaurants, movies, spas and even retail stores. Businesses do this in order to encourage droves of couples to partake in their services during that one time of the year where couples are expected to be joined at the hip.

But when you think about it, you don’t even need to have a significant other to reap the benefits of this sale. In fact, you can drag along a bunch of friends, pretend to pair off as couples, and enjoy the full experience at half the price!

#3 Speed dating. Because many people seem to think that you just have to have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, there are places where people are encouraged to meet other singles, in the hope of finding true love. Though I’m not a big believer in finding love after talking for a couple of minutes, speed dating is a great way to expand your network and meet new people.

Cynical as you may be, who knows, you might find someone who fits all the qualities you want in a partner. And if you’re not looking for love at all, then having a bunch of people vie for your affection during a speed dating event sure does boost the ego! [Read: The crucial guide to surviving the hookup culture]

#4 You’re pressure free. On this day, one half of a couple, particularly the guy, is expected to come up with an elaborately romantic date to beat out all other dates. This comes complete with selfie-opportunities, social media post-worthy pictures and sentiments, and of course, a sweet little gift that may or may not involve shelling out hundreds of dollars.

The singleton on Valentine’s Day, however, experiences absolutely none of that pressure. You can pick out where you want to go, what you want to do and what you want to buy, all without the anxiety of wondering whether or not your partner will approve.

#5 Meeting singles at the club. If you’re single and you don’t want to be, there might be people who feel exactly the same way at some hip and happening Valentine’s party in your area. Don’t think you’ll find true love there, but you can hope to snag someone to make out with or maybe even sleep with, mostly thanks to the fact that singles are practically shoved into other singles during this time of the year.

And if you’re the type to enjoy some no-strings-attached fun between the sheets, then Valentine’s Day may just be your lucky day. Oh, and plus points because this is the time of the year where condoms with funky flavors and textures may be a lot cheaper, too. [Read: Need to get rid of that Valentine’s Day hickey? Here’s how!]

#5 It’s a great time to pamper a loved one. Who says the love on Valentine’s Day should be reserved for someone whom you’re romantically involved with? Scrap that, and make it all about someone in your life who means a lot to you!

You can pamper your mom with flowers, chocolates and a five-course meal at her favorite restaurant. You can treat your sister to a full-body massage at your favorite spa. You can even take your best friend out on a date and a night of fun-filled partying. And if you’re not looking to get out of the house, share your warm and fuzzy feelings with your pets by spending the day pampering them and cuddling with them!

#6 Share your love with people who need it. There are a lot of people in the world who need love, but sadly, they don’t get it. Even though you can reach out to them at any other time of the year, some of them may be pining for some added affection when they see that couples far and wide are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

You could visit a nursing home and offer to talk to the elderly men and women who want to share what Valentine’s Day was like back in the day. You can hang out with the kids at a children’s shelter and help them out with making Valentine’s crafts. You can even pay a visit to your local animal shelter and volunteer as you spread love to the animals who are in need of some affection and care.

The best thing about this is that you can learn more from the people who are bereft of love than you can from partaking in commercially orchestrated displays of affection. [Read: 5 ways volunteering can help heal depression, and even lovesickness]

#7 There is humor in bitterness. Look at your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed for five minutes on Valentine’s Day, and you’re sure to run into someone ranting about their lack of a love life. They may not actually hate this day, but their funny little rants can definitely be entertaining. And when you turn on the TV or tune into Netflix, you might even find some romantic comedy that depicts the futility of romance in a world where everyone’s either bitter or cynical.

Though you may not share their sentiments, it sure is a great way to lift the pressure off being single on Valentine’s Day. And if you’re feeling lovesick on this day, the humor spewed out on this particular day is indeed one of the greatest medicines!

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So what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun or more fun than all those couples you see around you. Use this day to appreciate being a single, carefree and awesome individual!

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