My Wife My Girlfriend premiers on June 3


Talking about the movie, Clement said My Wife My Girlfriend is about Jimens who catches his wife cheating on him 12 hours after their wedding. He takes his wife and her ‘partner’ captive and attempts to interrogate them before taking any further action.

Meanwhile, Jimens has his own personal secret— a baby with another lady. Unknown to all parties involved, this same baby is being taken care of by Jimens wife’s partner thinking it is his.

Many questions arise out of this saga; Who is the real father of the baby? What does the Bible say about adultery? What does the Bible say about revenge? How deep can a man love his wife? How deep can your level of forgiveness go? Who is at fault?

Speaking with Showbiz, Clement said “This is the chance to watch something entirely unique and exceptional which is a departure from what many people are used to.

The movie is full of fun, suspense and intrigue and we are introducing many new faces to the movie scene in Ghana.

“The movie starts showing at 7pm but there is a red carpet at 6pm for viewers to take pictures and interact with some of the cast,” he said.




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