Wife locks husbands manhood to avoid cheating


A man has claimed that his wife has locked him to stop him straying.

“We have frequent misunderstandings at home because this woman ‘locked’ my manhood so that I am unable to have sexual intercourse with other women,” Tryson Mangeza told a Harare magistrate.

Mangeza made the claims yesterday at the Civil Court while responding to an application for a protection order made by his wife Sifelani Mapepa. Mapepa had told the court that Mangeza was an abusive husband who was in the tendency of beating her and also threatening to commit suicide.

“I am tired of being assaulted and threatened with death, I have been living in fear because Mangeza is suicidal,” Mapepa said.

Mapepa denied the accusations of juju saying Mangeza should confront his girlfriends. “I did not perform any ritual on his manhood, instead of accusing me he should ask his girlfriends,” Mapepa said.

“He is the only one who knows what happens when he sleeps around. Besides, he has failed several times to prove that I am the one who ‘locked’ him.” Presiding magistrate Barbara Mateko granted the protection order in favour of Mapepa.


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