Wife’s lover kills husband, then burns his body in Dubai

A man, who had a secret illegitimate relation with his friend’s wife and planned with her to finish him, faced a premeditated murder charge on Tuesday.


Prosecution records show the 32-year-old, an employee who holds a Comoros Islands passport, had been having a sexual relation with the victim’s wife for two years and the pair planned to get rid of the husband.

He has been charged in the Court of First Instance with premeditated murder, illicit sex and consuming alcohol without a license. The 22-year-old victim’s wife, holder of a Comoros Islands passport, did not attend the hearing where she was charged with illicit sex and aiding and abetting her lover in the murder crime.


On October 14, last year, the wife started a heated argument with her husband following which his friend (her lover) offered to reconcile between them.

On that night, the first accused lured the victim out for a little talk about the latter’s marital problems. But shortly after he picked him up in his car he tied his feet and hands up, punched him and then struck his head with a concrete block outside his car.


He was constantly updating his lover that her husband was still alive. He put the victim inside the car again, banged his head against the car’s door and set him on fire.

The victim’s 85-year-old father said he did not hear from his son throughout the day of the incident. “My son and his wife had been married for four years. They had two children. She first told me he went to the sea and later said he was not answering his phone”.

The Dubai police operation room was alerted after 11:00pm on October 14, 2016, by two guards about a body set ablaze near a warehouse in Al Qusais industrial area.

A police major said the body was discovered at the same time the victim was reported missing. “We summoned his friends and family including his wife. She admitted she had been cheating on him with his friend for two years.

“Around 3:00 am, she called her lover to tell him that she had intentionally provoked her husband and later her accomplice went to their house and took her husband out,” the major said.


“He kept his friend tied up in his car and at 8:00pm he bought some fuel from a station before driving to Al Qusais where he hit the victim’s head repeatedly against the car’s door. He then pulled him out of the car and ran him over. After making sure he was dead, he poured the fuel on him and set his body on fire”.

The wife and her lover admitted to investigators that they planned to kill the victim to get him out of their way.


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