24 thoughts on “Will Te’o’s NFL Draft Stock Be Impacted By Story Of Girlfriend Hoax?

  1. jeremy galvez

    Honestly you guys go from liking this guy to fucking hating him and talking shit? about him like I don’t know what being gay has to do with how he plays what this whole thing has to do with how he plays like he’s a human being people make mistakes he’s not gonna change how he plays so you guys just need to calm down

  2. steve goings

    I think Manti is a retard, if he belived this bullshit. And he? is overrated, he played a weak ass schedule.

  3. ministerkareemc

    Manti is gay… why would a football player have to date somebody over the internet that he never met??? let alone, not have a girlfriend the whole four years at Notre Dame… are you kidding me… I played college football and I know how the girls are attracted to athletes… and for him not to have one girl in four years… C’mon son… not only that… but he sucks as a football player… he was exposed in the Alabama game… he missed a? lot of tackles and was trucked many times… he sucks..

  4. rodeopac

    I don’t care if manti is dating Harvey the imaginary rabbit, he was manhandled by Bama, his bullshit story speaks volumes to his character and comportment. Bottom line he is a deceitful man and not an elite NFL quality LB. Those? are facts now. His legacy is the fraud he perpetrated on a sympathizing public and being laid out flat on his ass and steam rolled by Lacy at Bama


    He did not go to her funeral, that speaks volumes.If you believe him, your mislead, just like believing in Obama. I cant believe ND is standing to the plate, for him.Penn state looked the other way for Sandusky, ND is not only looking the other way, but also closing their eyes. That serves as an example just how little the schools, respect? you and me.

  6. Mike Gardner

    On draft day, I would advise Manti to turn the TV on at? the start of the 2nd round.

  7. clockworkmike83

    Or another scandal team ,like your gay ass Titans. (i.e? Pacman Jones, Vince Young or Jeff Fisher)

  8. BroImSoHGood

    How come the commisioner said that there was no? bounty scandal?

  9. Jose Herrera

    Manti didn’t? exist ethier… I didn’t see him in the BCS championship

  10. Dedmon319

    Rex Ryan will sign? him at quarterback. He throws better than Sanchez…. and he has nice feet

  11. cotton9386

    the biggest impact on te’o’s? being drafted is that when he played against alabama in the championship game, he was completely overwhelmed by a really good team. the only one notre dame faced this season. He would not have make all SEC and Notre Dame would not have had a winning season. The sports press fawns over notre dame
    like the liberal press fawns over emperor obama. They’ve already started on next year by putting ND in the top 10 in preseason. The SEC champion will crush whoever is sent

  12. khunopie

    It can happen to anyone. In this case Te’o and his? buddy cooked up the story

  13. Souless Dinosaur

    a lot of people fall for? this. Philip Defranco fell for it and one of my bestfriends did. it can happen to anyone man.

  14. daduce ify

    But he? plays really well he only played bad in thr BCS title game… he only made one tackle

  15. daduce ify

    I dont know if Manti is in on this… hopefully he isnt. I think or now thought as Te’o as a role model. U also feel bad for him because now America will hate him.?

  16. hitmanhart670

    Hopefully this means the Jets have a chance at him. If he can pretend to play hard for some imaginary dead girlfriend, he can delude himself into playing hard despite immense backlash over the hoax?

  17. OldHickory7

    He got Catfished!? FYI, there is a documentary about this happening called Catfish. Good flick.? Check it out. Too bad Te’o didn’t as he might have researched what he was dealing with better.

  18. MamoDad

    Fuck? You,? Manti Te’o.
    Fuck You, Notre Dame.
    Remember Lizzy Seeberg.

  19. khunopie

    He’s such a liar. You think someone having an internet Girlfriend relationship wouldn’t Video Chat or Facetime or Skype and wonder hey, how come you look different than the picture? you sent me?

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