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Several days ago, I posted a story on Facebook highlighting the inflated expectations many women have of men and marriage. The purpose was to show how simple most men’s needs are when compared to women’s. To drive the point home, I suggested women lower their standards. Until recently, this message would not have been met with so much as a raised eyebrow. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, this story, officially entitled The Husband Store, has been told for some time as a joke of sorts. I’ve known people to laugh about it but never to get mad.

So I was somewhat surprised when a group of woke women (not my usual readers) discovered my post. It went semi-viral, garnering almost 1,000 (mostly angry) comments. Reading their responses, you’d think I had suggested women marry any ’ole man off the street. Some made the leap that I said men shouldn’t have to do housework (not sure of the connection there). Others said I told women not to have any standards at all. And still others were convinced I’d said it’s okay for women to accept abuse from a man!

This is what the far-left culture has produced: a generation of women whose anger and resentment toward men and marriage precludes them from not only having a sense of humor but from acquiring any critical thinking skills. There’s no middle ground anymore, no place for cogent conversation. It’s just hate.

With so many women conditioned to believe that women are irreproachable and men are toxic, the future of marriage and family is bleak. Some women will learn, down the road, that they’ve been fed a mountain of lies. Those are the women I coach. They are in desperate need of a new relationship roadmap, one that works and that welcomes understanding the very real and very deep biological differences between the sexes.

Others leave perfectly good husbands and glorify their decision, convinced men are nothing but Neanderthals. In truth, these women simply never learned how to love and to bring out the best in a man.

“It’s true that modern men are doing more than they once did, but their efforts do not come close to evening the scales,” writes Liz Lenz in “It Took Divorce to Make My Marriage Equal.” “When they do chip in, they expect not just credit but lavish praise.”

Lenz should read the wildly successful book How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. If she did, she’d learn that “lavish praise,” rather than complaints and recrimination, is the key to human engineering, or the ability to understand and to get along with others.

Indeed, lasting love requires a dramatically different understanding of men and women, not to mention empathy toward men, that at the moment is nonexistent. It isn’t men and marriage that hold women back. It’s the narrative women have been sold.

It’s not a coincidence that the erosion of marriage and successful dating occurred at the same time women were encouraged to harbor inflated expectations for life and for love, as though women are the prize and men should be lucky to “land” them.

“All of my friends are attractive and successful. Almost every single one of them has an issue with men,” said commentator Tomi Lahren in a recent video. “If all of these women, including myself, are having issues, then I have to think it might not be us. It might be you. It might be men.”

That’s what woke women think, too. They are wrong.

Suzanne Venker (@SuzanneVenker) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. She’s the author of five books, a relationship coach, and the host of “The Suzanne Venker Show.” Her website is www.suzannevenker.com.

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