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One 49-year-old woman in Singapore was recently disappointed after spending nearly S$3,000 on a dating package from matchmaking service Lunch Actually.

Unfortunately for her, her date turned out to be a far cry from what she expected.

Signed up for S$2,939 package

The 49-year old, who declined to be identified, told Mothership she had signed up for a S$2,939 premium package for three dates, and claimed she was told that she could specify the type of appearance she wanted.

She then gave the dating agency some photos for reference, and laid out some requests in terms of what she was looking for.

She was eventually matched with a 59-year-old man, whom she was initially not too keen on.

However, in a Lianhe Wanbao (LHWB) interview, she claimed the staff tried to convince her to go for the date as he looks younger than his age, has a decent figure because of frequent exercise, and lives in a central area.

She agreed, and arrangements were made for them to meet at a restaurant.

Was disappointed by the match

After meeting her date, she told LHWB that he was clearly a “59-year-old uncle” once he took his mask off.

The woman also told Mothership that he “looked old”, was not good looking and was “so skinny”. She also later found out that he does not live in the city, but rather, in a HDB flat in Bukit Batok.

LHWB reported her saying that she thinks that she is a catch, with a decent monthly income, and an attractive appearance.

However, she told us: “This unpleasant episode has deterred me from looking for another life partner totally.”

Lunch Actually clarification

The Chinese daily reported that she requested a refund after this first meeting, but her request was rejected.

A spokesperson from Lunch Actually clarified with LHWB that with their package, customers are not guaranteed matches who look a particular way.

“Although we use the photos to better understand our customers’ ‘type’, we cannot guarantee that they will like their date’s appearance.”

The matchmaking agency is aware that the woman is extremely displeased with the match, but explained that she is not eligible for a refund due to some terms and conditions.

[Update 14/9: Adding comments from Lunch Actually]

Violet Lim, Lunch Actually CEO, also told Mothership that the client had purchased a Signature Package for three dates. This package does not allow a client to choose the looks of the matches, and this was “clearly explained to her during the consultation”.

Lim also said their consultant did not tell her that her match was “really good looking and she would not regret meeting him”, nor did they mention he lives in a central location.

According to Lim, the agency instead said that they found the man to look younger than his age and he dresses quite well.

They are currently in contact with her and offered to add another date to her membership package. They said they will continue to reach out to her and seek to resolve this matter.

“As of the most recent update, she has refused to speak with us,” Lim said.

You can also read Lim’s Facebook post here:

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