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Jess wasn’t happy to receive this message (Picture: Jess Becker)

Some dating apps, such as Hinge and now Tinder, have prompts, which are pre-written statements that can help start a conversation.

On dating app Badoo, one of these prompts has been accused of sexism.

Recruiter Jess Becker, 29, matched with a guy on the app for singletons but was shocked to see his conversation starter.

The North Londoner received a message saying ‘what is your favourite household chore?’.

The match told her that it was a ‘pre-written Badoo special’ as part of their prompts, which can be edited by users.

Jess shared the exchange on her Instagram where she said it was ‘unacceptable’ to receive messages like this in 2020.

Badoo has now said it will be removing the statement and looking into its other prompts.

Badoo said it would be reviewing its prompts (Picture: Jess Becker)

Jess, who runs her own T-shirt company, showed screenshots to her Instagram followers, saying: ‘This isn’t the 1950s. Not cool of a top global dating app to give men a pre-written pickup line to send to women. Stop the stereotypes!!’

Jess tells Metro.co.uk: ‘I can’t believe a huge, global company would do such a thing. Even if a guy asked me that directly, I’d feel very uncomfortable, questioning what does he expect of me? Is he setting the tone of our relationship?

‘I believe in equal relationships and chores, bills etc should be split!’

Jess also runs a meme dating account, @shavedmylegs, to have transparency on what modern dating is like.

She adds: ‘I am hoping to create transparency on the dating scene by posting my messages- rejection, ghosting, breadcrumbing and how it is affecting mental health and damaging people’s confidence.

‘Millennials are at a generational crossroads – our parents, grandparents had kids very young, dated without technology and want their kids to get married ASAP and on the other hand, we see women CEOs, women freezing out eggs.

‘It’s a very confusing time for men. But it doesn’t have to be a man’s world and we can be in control too! I feel it’s very important to not take dating too seriously and just enjoy it until you meet the one!’

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She adds that she’s on multiple apps where she hasn’t come across a similar prompt.

Badoo responded to Jess’ comments, saying: ‘[Our prompts] range from “has a stranger ever changed your life?” to “what’s the worst advice you’ve ever given?” – with dozens more in between.

Jess says she hasn’t seen prompts like this on other apps (Picture: Jess Becker)

‘Feedback tells us they help our members break the ice, and get over the “stage fright” contacting a stranger for the first time can sometimes cause.

‘One of the questions in our long list is “what is your favourite household chore?”, which, like all our suggestions, is available for any gender to use on the app, should they wish to.

‘We do appreciate how this question could be used in a sexist way, and as well as removing this particular question will be taking a closer look at all our prompts.’

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