Which sex really cheats more? The shocking truth REVEALED


A CHEATING wife or husband is never ideal, but which sex is more likely to cheat? It was often thought that husbands and boyfriends were more likely to cheat than their female counterparts, but is this true? New research reveals the shocking facts.

A cheating wife is now almost as likely to occur as a cheating husband, research has revealed.

It used to be the case that men cheated in greater numbers than women, as far as surveys showed, but women have almost caught up to men.

Recent statistics show that over half of men admit to cheating in relationships, at 57 per cent.

However, over half of women also admit to cheating. According to website Infidelity Facts, 54 per cent of women admit to cheating.

What is more, women are much more likely to want to divorce their partner. According to the figures, 71 per cent of divorces are initiated by the woman in the relationship.

Men and women and now almost neck and neck in the cheating stakes – meaning both sexes should keep a close eye on their partners.

The website claims that 53 per cent of marriages currently end in divorce – potentially due to such infidelity.

So why do women cheat? A recent study found that a certain gesture from their male partners was likely to make a woman stay faithful.

According to the survey, 69 per cent of women cheat on their partners because they were not given presents.

According to researchers, the women said that presents and other genres acts make them feel valued.

Stinginess caused women to believe their partners no longer cared for them and prompted them to look elsewhere.

Affairs are most likely to happen in one particular place, studies have revealed.

Over half of married people claim to have had their first affair with a colleague.

Worryingly, the survey of over 350 married men and women found that work-based affairs are far from commonplace.

In fact, as many as 78 per cent of all respondents have had an affair with someone they work with, with 10 per cent of those engaging in an affair with their boss or line manager.