Woman charged with murder of ex-boyfriend

DEER PARK, Wash. –
A 60-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the body found in Deer Park yesterday.

Gloria Redmann was arrested by Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies on second degree murder charges.

60-year-old Michael Ahlstrom was reported missing a week ago. His body was found under a tarp yesterday.

Court documents show Redmann made several attempts to move his body after he was dead.

Redmann, Ahlstrom’s ex-girlfriend, was booked last night for making a false statement to law enforcement, unlawful disposal of human remains and failure to notify the coroner.

After an autopsy today revealed Ahlstrom died from a gunshot wound, they added a second degree murder charge.

According to court documents, Redmann never admitted killing him. She did say she tried to move Ahlstrom’s body several times after he was killed.

She did everything from use an antique ironing board to renting an engine hoist.

When it came time to move the hoist, she went to the bar at the bowling alley near her house and asked several men to help her.

One man noticed a pair of shoes sticking out from a tarp near the shed. They left and called police.

According to the autopsy. Ahlstrom had been dead for several days before his body was discovered.

Neighbors it’s usually a quiet area.

“We’re real friendly with each other it’s a neat deal, we walk our dogs around the block,” said neighbor Jim Shuff.

“[But] I’ve never even met them. I don’t know what the deal is,” he said.

Redmann’s bedridden mother who lives in the home told police the couple argued often – and, she knew something was strange when she didn’t get her Thanksgiving dinner.


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