Woman claims ex used LifeLock to keep tabs on her

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A Tempe-based cybersecurity company promises to keep its customers’ identities safe, but a Valley woman claims LifeLock may have helped her ex-husband keep tabs on her for years.

Suzanna Quintana said her ex opened a LifeLock account in her name and used it to stalk her. Worse, she said the company didn’t believe her.

Quintana’s marriage ended a little more than two years ago. She said her ex-husband gained access to every financial decision she made.

“To me, this was serious business. I had to stop him from basically hacking into my entire life,” Quintana said.

To her surprise, she said LifeLock simply suggested she open a LifeLock account to secure her identity.

“I was very clearly telling them over and over and over again that my identity had been stolen by my ex-husband, and to not be heard by them was extremely invalidating,” Quintana said.

LifeLock eventually granted Quintana access to the account that was opened in her name. The company told us it apologized to Quintana and agreed to pay her legal fees. The company issued the following statement:

“We’re distressed that someone was able to use our service to victimize his ex-wife. Unfortunately, there’s little a company can do to stop someone who is intent on causing harm using the personal information of a partner.”

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