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David and Laura face a lot of hatred online (Picture: Barcroft Media)

They say music is the food of love, and that is certainly true for Laura and David who fell for each other despite a 30-year-age gap – all thanks to David’s music.

23-year-old Laura-Marie Jenks from Mere, Wiltshire, has been dating 52-year-old David Oliver, ever since she heard him singing on a punk rock song and tracked him down online.

The pair, who live together in Wiltshire, UK, met on Facebook after Laura bought David’s record and instantly fell for his anarcho-punk charm.

‘I would definitely say it was love at first sight. Love at first sound for me because I heard [David] first and loved him,’ Laura told Truly.

Despite their 29-year age gap, the couple, who have been together for a year and a half, say they are blissfully happy, even in the face of judgement from family and strangers.

‘I did not feel uneasy about how young Laura was when I found out how old she was,’ says David.

Laura fell for David after hearing his band’s record (Picture: Barcroft Media)

‘We were in too deep to care about our ages.’

Laura and David’s love story began when Laura picked up his band’s single at a record fair.

After listening to the song, Laura felt she had to track David down on Facebook and tell him how much she admired his talent.

‘Initially, my aim was to compliment this guy – I didn’t think anything of a relationship,’ Laura explains.

But thankfully for Laura, the appreciation seemed to be mutual, and the pair started getting to know one another online

The couple say they are still trying to win over Laura’s mum (Picture: Barcroft Media)

‘We were constantly talking all the time, David never told me how old he was, and I never told him how old I was,’ Laura added.

David said: ‘She only had one photo; you couldn’t tell facially how old she was.

‘It didn’t cross my mind what age she was.’

Things moved quickly and Laura moved in with David in January 2019 after having a long-distance relationship.

Laura, who’s originally from Cornwall, made the decision to move 140 miles away from friends and family to be with David in Wiltshire.

‘This is the thing about this world, they don’t like anything different’ (Picture: Barcroft Media)

But the toughest obstacle the pair have had to face was gaining Laura’s mum’s approval.

‘I decided to tell my family quite soon, I was quite nervous,’ says Laura. 

‘My mum goes through phases when she’s okay with our relationship and then other’s where she’s not.’

Laura believes her mum just needs some more time, but will come around eventually. So the couple are trying to be patient.

The couple say they don’t want children (Picture: Barcroft Media)

‘It does dip in and out and sometimes I don’t know where I stand with them,’ says David. ‘I’m trying to reassure them that they shouldn’t have any reservations.’

And Laura’s family isn’t the only source of criticism for the pair, they have also faced intense judgement online, with Laura being labelled a ‘gold digger’ and David being called a ‘cradle snatcher’, and many other harsh comments.

‘This is the thing about this world, they don’t like anything different,’ says Laura.

‘I genuinely love him, it’s a real relationship and we’re a real couple.’

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The pair are excitedly looking forward to their future together and have decided that having children isn’t on the cards for them.

‘I’m going to sound a little bit selfish but because of the age gap, I want to spend as much time as I can with David and have the intimacy of just us two,’ says Laura.

Instead, the couple have settled on raising fur babies, and the plan is to get some cats to complete their little family.

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