He stalked her for months after they broke up, and even showed up while she was on dates with other men.

On Wednesday, a Manhattan school secretary was shot to death by her former lover, a man she met online. For months before her death, 56-year-old Elizabeth Lee-Herman was allegedly stalked by Vincent Verdi, 62. The divorced mother of two even had a restraining order against him, according to CBS2.

Verdi approached Lee-Herman at 8 a.m. while she was parking her Citi Bike in Manhattan, right across from her workplace: the Grace Church School. He allegedly shot her in the stomach, according to New York Daily News. Then, he attempted to kill himself. Lee-Herman later died at a nearby hospital.

The two met on Match.com about a year ago. She and Verdi dated and broke up in July. After the breakup, Verdi allegedly stalked the secretary for months at both her home and her workplace. He even allegedly followed her while she was out on other dates. In October, he was arrested for stalking and Lee-Herman got a restraining order on her ex.

“It was a very difficult morning for the kids, several of them including me, were out here when it happened,” School Head, George Davison told CBS2.

Friend Genevieve McCarthy called her an angel.

“He would be calling her all the time, and she said, ‘you have to stop calling me,” she said.

Colbert Watson, 48, a security guard who worked nearby saw the aftermath of the shooting.

“I see the feet go up in the air and the person drop on their back,” he said.“I saw the guy go over, like he’s trying to kick [Lee-Herman’s] foot — to like make sure [she’s] dead.”