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She felt demoralized and unsupported, and still struggles with her feelings, “especially within the Congolese community,” she said in a victim impact statement.

She lives in fear that her attackers will come back for her.

The degrading attack was broadcast on Facebook in a series of graphic videos. The young woman, half-naked, is seen crying as she’s berated for having sex with an attacker’s ex-boyfriend. In another video, the terrified woman, kidnapped at knifepoint, is seen undressed on a bed as someone applies hair-removal cream to her pubic hair.

Eunice “Chou Chou” Ilunga, 46, the ringleader, and her accomplices Safi “Lolo” Mahinja, 29, and Sandrine Tomba-Kalema, 39, were found guilty after a lengthy trial on charges of kidnapping, unlawful confinement, sexual assault, home invasion and assault. Ilunga, was also convicted of distribution of intimate images.

The young woman was terrorized after Ilunga plotted revenge out of jealousy. Ilunga had learned that her target had been dating her ex-boyfriend.

“This is nothing short of a vicious, terrifying attack,” Assistant Crown Attorney Louise Tansey told presiding Superior Court Justice Robert Smith at the sentencing hearing.

Tansey, who currently specializes in sex-crimes prosecutions, noted that the victim, some five years later, “is still stuck in that living hell.”

“The brutality is chilling,” Tansey told court.

The case was anchored in videos of the attacksthat left the young woman fearing for her life.

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