Woman says she stopped dating broke men after getting dumped by her ex | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

– Marion used to date a man who only earned KSh 9,000 per month

– Every month, she made sure the bills were paid and they had enough money in their joint savings account

– At that time, the two lived in a tiny room that cost them KSh 1,500 per month

– As soon as Marion’s man got a well-paying job, he asked her to leave because God had blessed him

Kindness is not always the best virtue. Or is it?

Marion vowed to never deal with struggling men again in her life. Photo: Marion Wanjiru
Source: Facebook

Women have complained many a times that most men change after getting a few bucks in their bank account.

A lot of ladies have opened up on how they lived with “broke” men in tiny homes and endured deplorable conditions in the guise of supporting their significant other.

The moment their lovers made it, they walked away and went to find younger, prettier women to spend their money on.

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A woman named Marion Wanjiru bitterly recalled building up a man who dumped her as soon as he got rich.

She was shocked to hear her man no longer needed her. Photo: Marion Wanjiru
Source: Facebook

In a rant posted on Facebook, the lady claimed she once lived in a single room with her ex who earned a measly KSh 9,000 per month.

Each time his paycheck came in, he would hand over KSh 3,000 to his girlfriend.

Marion would then allocate KSh 900 to tithe, KSh 1,000 towards his HELB loan payment then use the remaining KSh 1,000 in a business that generated an extra KSh 4,000.

The lady always made sure she pumped KSh 5,000 into their joint savings account every month.

Marion and her ex broke up after one year. Photo: Marion Wanjiru
Source: Facebook

She then made sure the rest of the money her man remained with paid for rent, fare and utilities.

However, when the guy got a better job, he upped and left.

“We did it for a year then he got a well-paying job and told him that since God had blessed him, I was free to leave. Since that day, I do not bother dating men who do not have money,” she said.

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In other news shared by TUKO.co.ke, gospel singer Size 8 said money should never be the reason why people are attracted to each other.

The mother of two advised young couples to believe in their partner’s potentials instead of measuring their worth through the size of their pockets.

The Mateke singer said in her Youtube Channel that when she and her hubby DJ Mo were dating, she was wealthier and more successful than him.

She drove a big car, lived in an upscale area and had a swollen bank account that put that of her partner to shame.

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