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A WOMAN was in shock after finding out the guy she had been seeing was engaged – after he shared his proposal to Instagram. 

The woman, from LA, revealed she and a bloke had hit it off and were casually dating, but a week later he popped the question to someone else he’d also been seeing. 


The woman revealed she and a guy had been seeing each other the week before he got engagedCredit: Facebook

But when she confronted him about it, he sent her a grovelling apology, claiming he was ‘only engaged in Mexico’. 

She shared a snap of his bonkers excuses, saying: “Hit it off and hooked up with this guy last week and saw he posted a photo today ENGAGED hahaha LA is wild.” 

After spotting the Insta post, she texted him and asked: “Ok wait, what was up with your Instagram post? Engaged??”

He doesn’t try and hide it, but instead tries to explain how he and his now fiance were partying hard to celebrate a friend’s birthday in Mexico.

The bloke bizarrely tried to claim he was 'only engaged' in Mexico and not in the US


The bloke bizarrely tried to claim he was ‘only engaged’ in Mexico and not in the USCredit: Facebook

But he does reveal he’s been two-timing them both, as he replies: “Well… we have been on and off since Thanksgiving.

“She caught wind that you and I were hanging out… and she said that if I don’t put a ring on it, I’d never see her again…”

And he then bizarrely claims that the engagement doesn’t apply in the US.

He added: “We aren’t engaged in the US yet, only Mexico, but I know what must have been really weird to see in IG and I’m really sorry for that.

We aren’t engaged in the US yet, only Mexico


“Idk what else to say, but like, you’re f****** rad, [she] is awesome and she is going to kill the f*** out of LA.” 

“I’m taking my life literally one f***** day at a time and it’s insane, but like, damn, idk, this is my life and I am in love with her with everything in my heart and I’m so glad I met you and …” 

His rambling apology ends there, but it’s safe to say he made his point.

Thousands of people have commented on the post claiming he doesn't get how engagements work


Thousands of people have commented on the post claiming he doesn’t get how engagements work

The bloke’s bonkers text has been mocked online, after it was shared to Facebook group That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, where more than 1,300 people have liked it. 

One person said: “Omg this is amazing, like marriage knows state lines.”

Another wrote: “We aren’t engaged in the US yet.” 

A third commented: “Only engaged in Mexico I am CACKLING.”

This person thought: “Not engaged in the US yet. Like you gotta register or some s***.” 

Someone else admitted: “Today I learned being engaged in Mexico doesn’t count in any other country.” 

While this woman added: “I guess by that logic I’m only married in the town square and not anywhere else lol. Time to tell my husband.”

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