Woman stunned by reaction when she shamed fraudster ex-boyfriend on Facebook


A woman shamed a fraudster ex-boyfriend on Facebook – and was amazed when others started sharing their own bitter experiences of the same man.

Catherine Blackett, 22, put photos of charmer Thomas Raven on the social media site as a warning after he racked up huge debts in her name.

Raven – 20 years her senior – fraudulently opened up store cards in her name after they split.

Catherine was furious that he escaped with only a caution after a police probe, despite admitting fraud.

So she uploaded two pictures of him onto Facebook and advised women to “be aware” of the bit-part actor, adding: “He’ll bleed you dry.”

She wrote: “I know posting this won’t benefit me, I’ve already lost my fight with him but I hate the thought of him getting away with it again.”

To her amazement others replied in a similar vein – with one calling Raven a “douche”, and another saying she wished she had never met him.

Catherine, of Somercotes, said: “I wanted to warn others, and I am so glad I did.”



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