Woman trashed ex-boyfriend’s South Austin home


An woman is accused of trashing and burglarizing her ex-boyfriend’s South Austin home.

Police say 31-year-old Stacy Alvarez was angry with her former boyfriend over a tree clean-up job when she went to his mom’s house and trashed the front yard.

On Monday, May 2, Police responded to a 911 call in the 300 block Wood Bine Drive. In court documents, investigators say trash cans were knocked over and motor oil was smeared on the wood fence and spilled in the driveway. There was food spilled on the garage floor and in the kitchen. An XBox game controller was also missing.

The mother said she saw Alvarez, her eldest son’s ex-girlfriend, walking away from the house with her son’s white UT sweater on. When she asked her younger son what happened, he said “I don’t know. The wind must have knocked them over.”

The boyfriend’s mother told police she believed Alvarez was angry at her son over money related to a tree clean up job they were working on.

When police interviewed Alvarez, she told them she never went to the house and had moved out the night before. But family members say she never lived there and they believe their son sneaks her in at night. Alvarez also admitted to sneaking in and out of the home through a window.

Police believe Alvarez trashed the home while the youngest son was in the shower and the other family members were out of the house.

Stacy Alvarez is charged with burglary of a residence.


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