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Lindsay is a self-described “dinner for dates gal” who takes advantage of “douchebags” on dating apps to get them to buy her dinner – and she has no regrets.

Lindsay, 28

About me: Loves food, all cuisines, not allergic to a thing, a massive miser. 

About you: Loves food, all cuisines, don’t mind if you’re allergic as long as I can eat what you can’t, likes to be generous with coin.

While this isn’t quite how Lindsay’s* Tinder profile reads but she says if she was being completely honest, it probably would be.

“But who is 100 percent honest on dating apps anyway?” Lindsay laughs.

A regular user of a range of online dating and their app equivalents, Lindsay says Tinder is her go-to for a very specific reason. 

“I find many men on Tinder are mainly just after a quick fling, a one-night stand or a booty call. So, I take advantage of this, well… of them because I am after a free dinner, or lunch, or really any meal at all. Often the men that are attempting to cater to their self interests are willing to be generous spenders in order to get them to that point. This never happens in my situation though – I, of course, get mine but they definitely don’t get theirs,” she says.

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Lindsay takes advantage of men who are willing to spend for a booty call. Image: iStock.

A self-declared “dinner for dates gal”

Lindsay is a self-declared ‘dinner for dates gal’. For those of you who haven’t heard of his before (like me up until a few weeks ago) it is a tactic performed by some dating app users, where they will agree to go on dates with a person but are really only going for a free meal – “and drinks if you’re lucky,” Lindsay adds. 

“I first heard of dinner for dates off a girlfriend of mine who accidentally left her purse at home on one of the dates she went on. Although the meal and drinks added up to a considerable amount, the man who she was on the date with didn’t bat an eyelid about paying for the entire amount because she believed he thought it would guarantee him a bit of fun afterwards,” Lindsay told Kidspot.

While the man was left disappointed, Lindsay did say it made her friend realise that getting free meals was quite an “easy thing to do” and one that was “often a good way to teach these creeps a thing or two about what dating actually is.” And so, she began her dinner for dates pastime.

“I don’t always ‘forget’ my wallet on dates but I do it regularly because I am single, my job pays a pittance, I live in the city and you can see a douchebag a mile off on these apps – so I figure I am not hurting anyone by doing what I’m doing, but I’m definitely helping my bank account and hunger.”

“You can see a douchebag a mile off” she says. Image: iStock.

She even has a refined routine

Lindsay says that she has a “refined process” for executing her dinner for dates. After matching with certain people on Tinder (her chosen app for this scheme) she chooses a restaurant that she likes, usually during the week sometime when she has no other commitments or events that she wants to go to. Once at the venue she’ll order a cocktail or expensive glass of wine, sometimes even a bottle. She will then order an entrée, excuse herself to go to the bathroom and on her return declare that she has “forgotten” or “lost” her purse. 

“Nine times out of ten they will just say don’t worry about it, I was going to pick up the bill anyway, or something similar,” she explains.

“So, then I continue to order up! I figure if they had a major issue with paying they would say so before I added even more to the tab, but I think there has only ever been one guy that ever said something.”

“Dinner for dates” isn’t uncommon. Image: Kon Karampelas on Unsplash.

And plenty of women swear by it

Lindsay’s biggest dinner and drinks bill on a date came to over one thousand dollars between the two of them. 

“It was at a seafood restaurant on the harbour – he enjoyed it as much as I did… Usually though the total amount will be around two hundred or three hundred dollars, enough for some nice drinks and a few courses of food.”

According to Lindsay ‘dinner for dates’ isn’t anything new, nor is it rare. 

“As well as my friend who told me about it originally, I have also had my own male friends tell me about other women who have done this to them or to mates of theirs, sometimes it has even been the same woman!”

“While I am not sure why others do it, in my eyes it is sort of like a dating version of survival of the fittest – while men will regularly use women for sex, I will use them for a free meal and drinks – and I don’t feel guilty about it at all.”

*Names have been changed.

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