Woman who ‘hacked’ Tinder reveals how to get the best matches | #tinder | #pof

A WOMAN who “hacked” Tinder revealed how to get the best matches on the dating app.

She told her followers to take initiative for dating – and said that lunch dates are the way to go for first meetings.


A woman revealed how to ‘hack’ Tinder as she said she wasn’t simply ‘lucky’ for finding her boyfriend on the appCredit: TikTok


She said she’s showing others how to ‘hack the system’ and find the best matches (stock)

The tips were shared by TikTok user @anniegoeslive.

She said that while people think she scored by finding her boyfriend the dating app, “it wasn’t luck.”

“I hacked the system and I’m gonna show you guys how to hack the system,” she said.

She said she paid for Tinder Plus so she could see everyone who swiped right and wanted to match with her.

“I didn’t have time to swipe on people who hadn’t matched with me,” she said.


‘I didn’t have time to swipe on people who hadn’t matched with me,’ she saidCredit: TikTok


She said she paid for Tinder Plus to make the most of her time (stock)Credit: AFP or licensors

She said she’d “immediately” plan a date after matching with them – and took initiative.

“You plan dates around your schedule that f***ing day,” the woman advised.

She said to ask people if they want to grab lunch, and suggest a restaurant and a time.

“That way you’re not overthinking it, you’re not spending too long messaging them and like building up expectations, and you picked a restaurant you want to go to anyways,” she said.

She said if they can’t make the time “send it to your next match.

The dating advisor said she would only go on lunch dates or walks because they’re quick  – and “you can get in and out.”

She advised making “an escape route” like telling her date she had to pick up her roomate shortly.


She advised going on lunch dates – and having an ‘escape plan’ if you don’t click with your dateCredit: TikTok

If the date didn’t pan out and they weren’t compatible, she said it was the perfect out – but if it went well, she could say she’s no longer needed to help her friend and she could extend the date.

People applauded her dating advice.

“Yes yes, a thousand times yes! Spending too much time talking over text is a TERRIBLE idea – sets up false expectations !!” one person commented.

“This is actually genius..” one person wrote.

Another person said: “god I would prefer that so much over the current text for a week, think things are good, only to have zero in person chemistry and waste that time.”

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