Woman’s #identity stolen by #Tinder pervert to try and get #dates with other #women

A woman has hit out at a ‘Tinder pervert’ who stole her pictures to create a fake account, posing as a lesbian. To add insult to injury, Shannon Sloan’s pictures were accompanied with the text: ‘I look a state right now though. Promise I scrub up well.’


Shannon, 20, shared screengrabs pictures on Twitter saying that some more revealing shots that were used by the imposter – including one of a girl’s bottom half in just her knickers – were not actually her pictures. She said: ‘Some stupid cow using my photos on Tinder ends up getting a wee match and sending pics of ME saying “I look a state”. ‘Don’t catfish as me, then, if I’m a state you cow.’

The profile went by the name Gems and said that she was addicted to oxygen and likes chicken nuggets.

And Gems described her ideal woman as coming in ‘all different shapes and sizes’. Shannon, from Glasgow, added: ‘Actually not normal. She’s sending this poor lassie scuddies [nudes] and everything. What the fuck’s going on wi they granny panties?’ Shannon said today this was not the first time her pictures had been stolen.

‘It’s beginning to really annoy me. People have made Instagram and Snapchats also. I’m straight as well so that’s weird,’ she said.


‘I don’t want to contact the person, I have no idea who they are or what they are capable of so I am not going to contact them and give them my number. ‘I know they have been sending explicit photos of themselves pretending to be me though.’ She was made aware of the image theft after a Tinder user became suspicious about the bogus account, reverse searched the images, and sent Shannon screengrabs of their exchanges.