And This Is Why Women Don’t Like Online Dating


My baby sister is a single professional who like so many of us doesn’t always have the time to date. She works countless hours and tries hard to just stay afloat like the rest of us.

Now she is no spinster by any means and she certainly doesn’t want a bunch of sympathy but she sent me this conversation she had with a possible “match” on a dating site she has subscribed to. She was hesitant to even try online dating and now this “gentlemen” has only reinforced her concerns.

So where did this guy go wrong….we’ll review his play by play mistakes after you read over his charming quick wit and thought processes.
Most ladies are interested in a “healthy” romantic relationship. Humans are made to desire that. However polite society has dictated over the past several hundred years that romancing a lady is a good way to start. Apparently our poet here had the educational background to write a haiku (a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five which traditionally evoke images of the natural world) but was not granted the common sense to avoid starting off a conversation, with a possible lover, about late night activities.
Then when he used his sarcastic wit to try and charm my sister with a haiku after she verbally bashed his feeble attempts to win her over only shows his disrespect for any woman on the planet. I am pretty sure this guy doesn’t even call his momma on Mother’s Day unless there is something in it for him.
Gentlemen, please, if you are looking for a lady for whatever reason you may want to start with a little romance or diplomatically expressing your intent without being obnoxious. As the old adage goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar.”

Finally keep in mind (which I am sure most “gentlemen” do) treat ladies with respect, even when they don’t reserve it. They are after all someone’s daughter, sister or mother. If you don’t follow this line of thinking you may end up getting throat punched by the other men in their lives (father, brother, son, cousin, co-worker, or a Good Samaritan on the street.)


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