What They Won’t Tell You About Online Dating Sites


I recently read the story of the woman, Lydia Nyaboke who was murdered after they had arranged with her online admirer to meet.

The 26 year old Lydia was killed in cold-blood and her body hidden in Dagoretti.

Ms. Nyaboke according to her brother had met with the suspect on Facebook and decided that they wanted to satisfy their curiosities and meet up face to face. That’s when it all went south hill for the unfortunate young lady as she was strangled and suffocated with the family in desperation over her sudden disappearance.

That just reminded me of the many perils that we face as innocent online activators. Guys, I cannot stress this any other way, WE NEED TO BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL what you do online, what you post, who you interact with and what information we acquire.

This is a specially crafted notice for social sites and dating sites because so far, these are the sites which commonly touch base with our emotions and completely efface our better judgment. You better than
I know the rule of principle, that when ‘judgment is high, emotion is low but when emotion is high…’

We have all been at times victims to letting too much information spurt out of us and also made a few trips to dating sites.
However you need to spun out of that auto-pilot mode and take extra caution, because believe me you, that there are a number of Richard’s out there. They may not necessarily be baying for your blood, but they could use your information and pictures to perhaps blackmail you.

It is a well-known fact that cyber-bullying has cruelly taken away a number of

As we enjoy and amass ourselves with the digital wave and internet mass, let us all be wary and cautious… you just don’t know whom the other person really is.