WORST DATES Unlucky in love Scots suffer thousands of online dating disasters a year – here we reveal the biggest deal-breakers


UNLUCKY-in-love Scots experience 170,000 dating disasters a year, a survey claims.

Duck pout selfies, bad manners and misleading profile pictures are some of their biggest turn-offs.

Other deal-breakers on a date included potential lovers who only speak about themselves or lack a sense of humour.

Dating guru Johnny Cassell said singletons are experiencing more bad dates because they’re too busy trying to get the other person into bed.

The relationship coach explained: “One thing that people are tripping up on is that they’re trying to accelerate the date to sex too soon.

“If you do accelerate too fast towards that destination, you don’t allow yourself to emotionally invest in that person.

“People aren’t really screening people out. Yes, there is a lot of availability out there now through dating apps and online apps but they’re not responsible for the hook-up culture.

“The hook-up culture has always existed — we’re sexual beings by nature.

“It just gives us an easier platform to find it. If you’re looking for something more serious then you have to do your research in terms of what you’re looking for, and have criteria. You have to look past the physical and look at what sort of qualities you want from someone.”

The survey, carried out by dating app Badoo, showed women are more likely to be put off by unfunny men — with nearly a third admitting it was the reason their night turned into a flop.

Bizarrely, men were most fussy about the way a woman speaks, with 11 per cent saying they left a date early because they couldn’t stand the sound of her voice.

More than a third of Scots also admitted pulling the plug on a first date because of doubts over meeting up. For those who used online dating sites, pouting duck lip shots or bathroom and gym selfies were the main reasons people dodged a profile.

The overuse of filters or profiles where the person had only posted headshots were also avoided.

Human behaviourist Johnny said: “On some dating profiles, they’re wearing Halloween masks, I don’t know where the logic in this is. You are a brand and you’ve got to understand your audience in terms of what sort of message you want to put out there.

“A topless gym selfie is too posey — you can demonstrate being fit by wearing something that’s just well-fitted.

“You also want to post a picture of something that looks like you’ve got your s**t together.”

A third of Scots said they would pretend to enjoy themselves on a terrible first date instead of rushing off.

But one in 10 people admitted to faking an emergency or pretending they have to be somewhere else.

Johnny continued: “There’s no point trying to be too flash or talking about yourself for the entire evening.

“Try to make it about your date as much as possible. Paying the bill is a huge thing for men — always take care of the woman, it’s a sign that you can offer her security. When a woman gives the token gesture of offering to pay, there is no way you should let her pay.

“If you do, she’s going to begrudge you for it and it’s a sign that you can’t take care of her and you’re quite cheap.

“Make the effort and be well turned out and well presented.”