WORST FIRST DATE EVER!!! | “Ben Grace” Affie | Plenty of Fish POF


This is the true story of the worst date I ever went on. This really happened. Woe is me…. :/ I online date. Plenty of Fish is my preferred site, mainly be…


10 thoughts on “WORST FIRST DATE EVER!!! | “Ben Grace” Affie | Plenty of Fish POF

  1. Victoria Breen

    My worst date was last September and we went to see the mortal instruments
    and the fella wasnt cute wouldn’t shut up during the movie and looked like
    a sack of spuds(not dressed for a date) when the.movie finished I walked
    out cause I’m polite like that and when outside he went for a kiss and I
    slapped him across the face?

  2. Harry reynoldsmedia

    On point b you could of had more bacon an Mountain Dew ?

  3. impbr

    Haha. I have a similar story but i left my helmet in her vagina. Very
    nasty, blood everywhere and whats worse she hadn’t even noticed.!!!?

  4. EveeBby53

    I love your accent! I would’ve definitely washed up for you lol

  5. BasedSwag420yolo

    It could have been a lot worse, it could have been in public :p

  6. Ben Grace

    *Blushes* Well thank you very much! You actually made my day 🙂

  7. Ben Grace

    Haha, sounds like you’ve got a story to share…. 😉

  8. Ben Grace

    Thanks dude 🙂 And yeah, it was pretty damn awkward!

  9. Alastair Yapp

    Mate, this is hilarious! Can’t believe you watched the Lovely Bones on a
    first date, that is grim haha

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