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  1. Missterykiwi

    Good to know this one is no good, but then I refuse to pay? for any sites.
    Not all are bad, I am in NZ and I have met nice normal kiwi guys from Connecting singles .com which is worldwide and There are scammers on all sites, but not all sites are fake.

  2. DanL2101

    Haha, yeah I thought as much! Got messages off a couple of very attractive women on close inspection of their pics I could see US style plug sockets even though these were supposedly local? women and I’m in UK!

  3. David Crocker

    i? got news for you all there all scams thees dateing sites are all bogis

  4. SarsharImtiaz

    How to delete my XDating account?? Please? Please Please, tell me.. anybody knows??

  5. MyDIZZO

    u totally saved me lol, im a virgin guy and i was just searching for anything to find a girl, so i came acress this site last week and today was the day i was gonna make apayment to XDATING haha and then i saw this video :). wow imma keep on searching to break? my virginity next year

  6. Kerry Crippen

    This site is still up? and Runing had too see if it’s scam I ain’t given no money too these site. Can anybody full me in on this stuff

  7. laissemoivivre

    xdating .com scam, xdating .biz no scam. Our site has already helped thousands of women and men across? the world to find their partners!

  8. Berzerkos

    But sometimes there is good news and great outcomes. After sending some very, very assertive e-mails to XXDating a refund of over $100 is coming my way. ? So total amount scammed = $31.17, which I am quite prepared to initially accept and immediately dismiss as the necessary cost for all the lessons given and learnt.
    So, it is back to the single life of no hassles and complications.

  9. Berzerkos

    Oh, by the? way, XXXDating site is exactly the same. I thought I was going to meet this beautiful glamour after looking at her 3 posted pictures. Then I examined her photos more closely and realised that they were ones of a young woman that were more beautiful and hotter than a previous Australian Miss World winner. cont…..next page

  10. Berzerkos

    All the comments below are so true, that I can verify same. I was redirected to another site for the purpose of viewing “naughty pictures”. I signed up to this other site to carry out a search on the supplied username which did exist, but without any information. I just private e-mailed back indicating that I couldn’t find her photos, cancelled out of the site and thanked “HER” that it did not cost me anything at all.?

  11. Ray Obrien

    I dd do profile then it told me I needed to pay. Bs. The next morning I was getting messages from palo alto Cali saying that I sent her a message. One chick sent me a message and in her profile it said that xdaring suggested that she put in her profile she was a hooker? ( working girl). I also am wondering since I seen the video one girl from New Zealand on it lives ten mins away from me. In maryland, United States. Glad I didn’t get suckered in for sixty$

  12. sausage4mash

    as if women need to advertise for sex ;/ had some girl want? to add me to FB she had a link to this site on her page ,with see my naughty pictures here .
    lols ,oh to be an average single guy you get ignored or scammed on the internet ,oh well ,anyway thought it was a scam so stuck name in you-tube

  13. mike little

    It’s a scam found out the hard way and? I wish I would have seen this video like a week ago

  14. budthespud99

    Don’t pay them a cent. They won’t even let? you put contact info in your profile or even mention any sort of workaround from the fake messages. Whoever created this site should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke.

  15. hubbster121

    its a total scam all the girls pics well most of them are all on other sites ect… u will get messages from the hottest women till you sign up then nadda i found at least 40 diffrent women they say were? in my city on another site all showing usa address they got my 30 bucks oh well what can u do

  16. julia97738

    xdating .biz no scam …. profiles are real and you will dating women on this test has? nothing to do with xdating.com


    thanks for the tips about xddating first Iwound not pay? it seemed to real to be good I hope the FBI does close them dowm its pure Bs

  18. elenamarie151

    Caught my boyfriend on this site…….thinks he is hot shit and getting all kinds of responses.
    Pretty? funny that the majority of them are fake!! Hahahaha!

  19. vampmorlock

    I got the girl sending me her email as well and it only sent me to another dating site.? Also found the same pic on multiple profiles

  20. KJT922010T

    of course its fake, I know someone who fell for it. You get messages until you pay then everything stops. I reported the site to the FBI so I don’t think it will be around? much longer

  21. at3290

    thincks cos i was really thincking about using this site cos i was getting mes =but on gril gave me her email she wants to meet up but she gave me a link to anther dating site so is that a scam too ? i thinck so but thincks ?

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