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TALENTED but unlucky in love York singer Bonnie Milnes stars in a TV dating show where she lives with five men for one week in a bid to find her perfect match.

Bonnie, 25 from South Bank, York, faces the ultimate love challenge as she shares her home with five fellas in a return of Channel 4’s dating show Five Guys a Week.

Viewers will watch five men battle it out for Bonnie’s affections. They include an aerospace engineering student, a yoga teacher, a wedding singer, a personal trainer and a financial administrator.

They all move in with Bonnie to compete for her affections. It was filmed last autumn before Covid restrictions began.

Bonnie has big dreams. She has spent most of her life living with her mum, Alison, dad, David, and looking after her sister, Pearl, who has Downs Syndrome. But she’s also a music-loving singer who performs with her band, Bonnie and the Bailers, and yearns for some excitement in the love department.

The TV show, which starts on Friday at 10pm, follows the mantra: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.” Bonnie appears in the second episode, scheduled for September 25.

Bonnie Milnes, York singer who stars in Five Guys a Week

In each episode one woman in search of a boyfriend picks five single guys to spend a week living with her in her own home – all at the same time. Each day, she must ask one of them to leave, whittling them down to the last man standing. Will he turn out to be her perfect match?

Bonnie’s choices include Ray, or as he likes to call himself ‘Fifty Shades of Ray’ – finance administrator by day, fashionable “peacock” (his words) by night. She’s intrigued by the green-friendly credentials of Eden, a vegan yoga teacher who does his bit to save the planet by buying all his clothes in charity shops. Bonnie has also chosen aerospace engineering student Ruben and Ben, who runs exercise classes in five-star hotels.

Finally there’s Charlie, a sensitive romantic and aspiring singer-songwriter, who turns up on her doorstep with his guitar and quickly sets about composing a heartfelt ballad in her honour.

At the final romantic dinner – for three! – at which she must eliminate the runner-up and select her new partner, Bonnie faces a dilemma. Does she go for the guy who she thinks is the best-looking, or the one she’s most in tune with emotionally?

Bonnie with her suitors on Five Guys A Week

When five guys become one, will she have made the right choice?

Bonnie – currently on a charity walk in Spain to raise money for Women’s Aid – said she enjoyed taking part in the show, which really boosted her confidence.

She said: “I thought it would raise my profile and maybe I would find love as well! I was totally open to it. I am really busy with work and not really a Tinder sort of person. This was a great opportunity. Women are often a passenger in their own destiny. This put the power and ownership of my situation into my own hands. It was really nice and empowering and gave me real confidence.”

You’ll have to watch on Friday September 25 to see how she got on, but here’s some more information about her five suitors:

Eden – 26, Yoga teacher from Leeds

• Eden lives by the motto “leave the world better than you found it” – he buys all his clothes second hand, doesn’t use disposable plastics, takes trains instead of driving and wants to get involved in activism

• His favourite food is his mum’s Yorkshire puddings. The ultimate sacrifice for him becoming vegan is missing out on them

• He has never had a relationship but longs for a strong love, like the characters in his favourite film ‘A Star is Born’ – but “only up until the happy bit”

• He is a spiritual guy and believes in horoscopes – he is a Cancerian (hard outer shell, soft inner, feels emotions, family orientated) and thinks the traits suit him ‘to a tee’.

Ray – 25, Finance Administrator from London

• Fashion is everything for Ray and he is willing to spend lots to get what he wants

• He got rid of his bedroom mirror as he was fed up with changing his outfits once he saw them – now he has to trust what he puts on by making sure the “aura feels right”

• After being close to proposing, Ray has now been single for two years

• He is known at work as the quirky guy – he has never been in the ocean, never eaten anything from the ocean… and he has never touched a dog.

Ruben – 21, Engineering student, Bristol

• Ruben has been single for two years – he was in love but it fizzled out, which left him heartbroken

• He loves shopping in charity shops and finding “gems” – he is always praised on his style and says it attracts girls on Instagram who start messaging him

• He is “scared of failure” so is working hard at university to secure his future in engineering. He wants to work in renewable energy

• He is close to his family – his dad is originally from Barbados and his mum is from America – they met at Bristol University.

Charlie – 24, Singer from Newcastle

• Charlie is a wedding singer living in Newcastle and runs his own business

• He sees himself touring as a singer, preferably performing at Wembley

• He loves being sporty and active

• Charlie performs improv music by asking for a name and subject matter, then sings about them

• He loves eating out, not just fancy places but greasy burgers. Also loves watching cooking shows

• Often gets told he looks like Harry Potter and does a decent impression of him.

Ben – 23, Personal trainer from London

• Ben’s biggest goal is to be fit and healthy and share his life with his future wife and children

• Fitness is really important to him. He was bullied at school, then in his teens he started fancying girls and was sponsored by his aunt to lose weight. He now regularly does triathlons and Iron Man

• He gets teased by his friends for being “highly competitive” at everything

• He aspires to have his own fitness business.

Tune into Five Guys a Week on Friday, September 25 at 10pm on Channel 4, to see how Bonnie gets on.

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