You Can Now Swipe Your Way To Love Island On Tinder | #tinder | #pof

We’ve all heard of people being recruited for Love Island on Instagram, but, now, you can apply to go on the show straight through a dating app. Yep, that’s right: Tinder are partnering with the hit dating show so you can apply through the app. Slightly less daunting than filling out an application, right?

So, how will it work? ‘From the 22nd March, singletons on Tinder can apply for this summer’s series by making just one Swipe Right in-app, making their Tinder profile the first audition,’ Tinder says.

‘Swipe Cards will appear in between Tinder members’ stack of potential matches – so all they need to do is Swipe Right on the Swipe Card and their official Tinder profile will be submitted to the Tinder team for review and verification.

‘If the Tinder profile is then selected by the Tinder team, Love Island hopefuls will be contacted via email by Tinder. The email will ask for confirmation of details, and as soon as these are completed and returned, the Tinder member will be added to a prioritised list for the Love Island casting team.’

Sounds like a speedy way to get noticed by the casting team, tbh.

If you’re not on Tinder, then you can still apply the old-fashioned way, via the ITV2 website, if you’re over 18 and single.

As usual, there’s expected to be a huge deluge of applicants – some reports estimated that for the 2018 series there was around 85,000 hopefuls. (Remember the uproar when it was thought that more people applied for Love Island than Oxford or Cambridge university?!)

Right, we better get our profiles in order as the show is returning this summer for an extended run.

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