Most young people on Tinder aren’t really looking for sex or love


Tinder and an entire line up of online dating apps available in the digital age have transformed the dating experience, as they have made easier for people to meet their match. But while love and sex may seem simpler through a swipe, there’s more to it than that.

A study says that finding sex or meeting the special one isn’t the real motive for most young people using Tinder. The findings suggested that only 22 percent of users between age of 18 to 22 said that they were looking for hookups, but 44 percent said that they were seeking a confidence boost.

Although Tinder’s spokesperson said that 80% users did look for meaningful relationships, the study found that the app would be the last place for it. Another problem it pointed out was ghosting, which means not really interacting with matches and the result was matches rarely materialising as real dates.

Meanwhile dating sites seem to be promoting truthfulness by creating more transparency, whish is one of the reasons for happier dates.



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