Young woman reveals men she finds on Tinder like one with a fish and one who uses abs to score date | #tinder | #pof

Young single woman mocks the type of men she has encountered on Tinder – including those who only have a picture with a fish and those that use their abs to score a date

  • Young woman has given hilarious rundown of men she comes across on Tinder
  • Parodied stereotypes included obnoxious entrepreneur and ones holding a dog
  • She also mocked Tinder users who always share group photos of themselves

A young woman has given a hilarious rundown of the Australian men she comes across on Tinder – from the ones holding a fish to those who send unsolicited shirtless photos to score a date.

TikTok user Alex McNamara parodied the different dating stereotypes in an amusing video shared to the social media platform.

Among the other types of men she took off were the ones who get aggressive when turned down, the obnoxious entrepreneurial type and those who are always holding a puppy.

‘Cool fish. Do you have any other photos?’ She asked, pretending to be a woman on the dating app.

‘No just me and the fish. I have pictures of my ute if you’d like?’ Her male alter-ego responded.

She also mocked Tinder users who always share group photos of themselves with other men to make potential matches guess which person they are. 

‘So whose profile is this?’ She asks.

‘That’s for you to find out I guess. Am I the hot one or the ugly one?’ The man said.  

‘You’re the ugly one,’ She responds.

TikTok user Alex McNamara has parodied the different types of Australian men on Tinder in a hilarious video, like the one holding a fish and the one with a puppy

Ms McNamara also mocked other types of men like those who always post group photos and the obnoxious entrepreneurial type

In another clip, she pretended to be the kind of man who insults women when they turn down his advances.

‘I bet when girls turn you down you’re pretty gracious?’ She asked.

‘Someone turned me down? We’ll you’re fat anyway b***h.’

Other TikTok users clearly related to her take on dating apps in the comments below.

In one clip, she stereotyped men who send women unsolicited shirtless photos to score a date

‘I felt that on my soul,’ one person wrote.

‘Recently single and dreading going back on there. Dating these days is hard,’ another said.

‘As a single man I wish I weren’t competing against winners like that,’ one commenter wrote sarcastically. 

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