Young women don’t really date older men for the money

It’s a well-known cliché and one that the vast majority of men don’t seem to have grown out of yet: older married men “sponsors” dating young campus girls. If you’re a single woman in your sixties you’re probably all too familiar with this issue.
Many over-sixty women say it’s almost impossible to find a man around their age who is interested in starting a relationship with them and there is plenty of data to back them up.

Numerous surveys by online dating companies have concluded that most men are primarily looking to partner up with younger women and would happily pass up the opportunity to date someone their own age if a more youthful option came along.

Why do so many men feel this way?

First, they say being with a younger woman makes them feel like they’ve still got ‘it’. Many men find they begin to feel insecure within themselves as they age and for single men, the feeling is reinforced by the breakdown of their marriage and changing family relationships.

For them, being with someone younger makes them feel proud, powerful and superior. They usually have more money than their younger partner and thanks to having been around a lot longer they know more too and are able to impress them easily with their worldly knowledge.

Second, he assumes all women his age is just like his ex. When asked why they don’t want to date women their own age, a huge number of men said they thought all single women over 50 were pretty much the same.

They worry that women their age that have been through a divorce, will be bitter about their past relationships and are more critical of their new ones.
As ridiculous as it sounds, they are painting everyone with the same brush and failing to understand that all women are different no matter what their age.

Last, he’s going through a mid-life crisis. It may be the biggest cliché of all, but many men who chase after younger women are quite possibly in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Feeling like they’ve been tied down for too long, they look for a younger woman to bring back the feeling of youth they lost so long ago.
For them, dating a younger woman is like having a second chance at life and offers a chance to relive their youth and start again.
Whatever the reason, it possesses quite the predicament for over-sixty women who are looking to start a relationship or even just date a man their own age.
There are happier stories though. Many men and women in their sixties and beyond find each other later in life and forge strong and lasting relationships.


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