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The growing popularity of the video chatting app Zoom has caught the attention of many technology giants during the Kareena era. Other companies, including Facebook and Google, are also preparing to hit Zoom. According to analytics company App Annie, Zoom’s downloads have grown by 740% over the past month. Zoom claims that more than 30 lakhs of lakes are attached to us every day. Before the outbreak, the number was 1. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has instructed his employees to focus more on the video chatting app. However, all the employees at Facebook are openly discussing the growing popularity of Zoom. Recently, Facebook shared a lot of information about the video chat feature and service through video conferencing. Video groupchat for 50 people on Facebook Messenger, Includes WhatsApp video call for 8 lacs and video call on Facebook dating. Using the Facebook Messenger product, Zuckerberg said that the world had taken steps in this direction even before Kavid-19.

Zuckerberg is not the only one who thinks in terms of ‘zoom’. Google has also made the video chat app ‘Meet’ more secure and secure via Gmail this month. Cisco also launched an update to the teleconference service ‘Webex’. ‘Webex’ is considered even safer than zoom. Last week, Verizon bought Blue Jeans, a video conferencing network. By targeting Zoom, technology giants have mobilized their vast resources against this small but rapidly expanding competitor. Last year, Facebook and Google turned their attention to China’s video app, Tiktak.

Eric Yuan, head of Zoom, said in an interview that his company doesn’t think much about competitors. We have focused on the users and their experience in the worst crisis of 100 years. Yuan, a former president of Cisco, launched Zoom in 2011. This is the most downloaded app on Apple Appstore in a month. The company is valued at around Rs 3.58 lakh crore.

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