6 in 10 people continue to suffer a year after Covid infection: Study | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

Most of the data to date, however, is based on patients who were hospitalised with Covid-19 and it isn’t clear how it applies to Covid-19 cases more generally.

To find out more, Aurelie Fischer and colleagues at the Luxembourg Institute of Health in Luxembourg, surveyed almost 300 people a year after they were diagnosed with Covid.

The 289 participants (50.2 per cent women) had an average age of 40.2 years and were divided in three groups, based on the severity of their initial infection: asymptomatic, mild and moderate/severe Covid-19.

They were asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire about whether they were experiencing 64 common long Covid-related symptoms.

A third (34.3 per cent) were experiencing fatigue a year on, 12.9 per cent said respiratory symptoms were affecting their quality of life and more than half (54.2 per cent) had ongoing sleep problems.

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