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Here’s a hard-to-swallow pill – you won’t ‘just meet someone in real life.’ That’s not how things work in 2024.

The sooner you face that reality, the closer you are to your ideal match and love story.

And if you’re gonna pay for professional matchmakers, you wanna make sure you’re dealing with the best matchmaking services out there.

I’m here to bring you the best matchmaking services for all kinds of online dating.

Best Matchmaking Services

  1. Tawkify – #1 matchmaking service
  2. Millionaire Match – Everyone’s verified
  3. Seeking – Luxury casual dating
  4. Elite Singles – 82% of highly educated folks
  5. eHarmony – Your way to true love
  6. SilverSingles – For folks over 50
  7. BlackPeopleMeet – Top black matchmaking service
  8. ChristianMingle – A haven for Christians

1. Tawkify – Best Matchmaking Service Overall

Top Features

  • Humans run matchmaking (unique!)
  • For meaningful relationships
  • Personalized service & support
  • High success rates
  • Relationship coaching

Types of Users

  • Rich people
  • Serious love and relationships
  • Luxury dating

Nothing says professional matchmaking service done right better than Tawkify. That’s because Tawkify has human dating experts do the matchmaking, unlike all other matchmaking services that rely on tech.

That’s right – there’s a dating coach for everyone in a fully personalized service.

Tawkify is not one of the free hookup sites, as it’s not free, and it’s definitely not for hookups.

Tawkify is an elite dating service for people who have got their life together and want to find their perfect match to share it with.

Depending on the membership package you choose, your personal matchmaker can guide you every step of the way, from connecting with eligible singles to relationship coaching.

Tawkify’s high success rate justifies the money invested in the expensive service and your time and effort.

How Does Tawkify Work?

Unlike most dating and matchmaking sites, Tawkify uses human professional matchmakers to find you the perfect partner.

Dating coaches on Tawkify run a selective search of potential matches for each client, which ensures everyone gets safe, reliable, and compatible matches. You also get personalized guidance every step of the dating process.

How Expensive Is Tawkify?

Tawkify is pretty expensive compared to general dating sites. There are different elite packages you can choose from with a varying amount of date coaching, but here’s the gist of it:

  • $99 per month – basic membership (to be on their books)
  • $799 – “video connect” package
  • $4,000+ – full package with a personal matchmaker who plans dates for you

>>Head to Tawkify for dating services tailored to your needs

2. Millionaire Match – Matchmaking Service Where Everyone’s Verified

Top Features

  • 4.4 million verified users
  • Members make at least $200K
  • High reply rates
  • Free users can reply to messages
  • No ads

Types of Users

  • Millionaires & rich people
  • Attractive people seeking millionaires
  • Casual dating
  • Long-term dating

If elite matchmaking is what you’re looking for, you’ll have plenty of options, but only a few with ALL of their members verified, like Millionaire Match.

You have to provide proof of identification as well as proof of income – only those with a yearly income of over $200K get a pass in the screening process.

This means two things:

That’s why Millionaire Match has such high reply rates. Well, that and the fact that free members can respond to messages.

Millionaire Match may be an elite matchmaking service, but the prices are rather affordable, considering the membership base.

Subscriptions start as low as $40 if you choose the 6-month subscription package.

Professional matchmaking services rely on an algorithm and let members roam around on their own, and the dating site works for both casual and long-term relationships.

>>Jump to Millionaire Match, the dating service with all verified members

3. Seeking – Casual Luxury Matchmaking

Top Features

  • 40+ million worldwide users
  • Free for women
  • Verified female users
  • Proof of income for men
  • Sleek interface 

Types of Users

  • Rich men
  • Young, attractive women
  • Luxury dating
  • Casual & long-term

Your run-of-the-mill professional matchmakers, no matter how good, just won’t cut it for those with a taste for finer things in life.

That’s why we got Seeking on our list of the best matchmaking services.

It’s where folks find potential partners for luxury dates, like Michelin restaurants, 5-star hotels, and luxury trips. 

Make no mistake – Seeking isn’t for those looking for an ideal match for love and marriage. We’re not saying it couldn’t happen, but that’s not why folks go there.

Instead, it’s one of the adult dating sites where people go to find a good match for luxury casual flings, and other services can’t even come close to Seeking’s success rate.

The best part? Seeking is 100% free for women.

One of the reasons why Seeking is so successful at luxury matchmaking is that all the female users are verified, while the men need to provide proof of income. 

Everyone’s happy that way, and we’re sure Seeking’s professional matchmakers are happiest when folks are happy.

>>Go to Seeking, one of the most luxurious matchmaking companies

4. Elite Singles – Matchmaking Service for Educated Professionals

Top Features

  • 13 million members
  • 82% of members are educated singles
  • Free personality report
  • Everyone’s in for a long-term relationship
  • Almost no fake accounts

Types of Users

  • Professionals
  • Educated people
  • Rich (or well off) people
  • Mostly serious long-term dating

Busy professionals may not have enough time for dating, but they, too, have their relationship goals. Luckily for them, there’s a matchmaking company that’s thought of them, too – Elite Singles.

As its name implies, it’s a place for high achievers.

If you join Elite Singles, 82% of your potential matches will be highly educated individuals with top jobs looking for a perfect match for a serious relationship.

The members really are what makes Elite Singles.

That’s right – Elite Singles isn’t one of those sexting sites you just go for a quick fix or a one-night stand.

It is a seamless matchmaking experience that usually results in relationships and marriages.

You don’t get dating coaching or a personal professional matchmaker. But there are personalized services via the personality report that the dating app uses to fix you up with potential partners.

>>Jump to Elite Singles for elite matchmaking with high-achievers

5. eHarmony – Luxury Matchmaking for Romantic Love

Top Features

  • 10 million active users
  • High-quality folks
  • Compatibility quiz & score
  • Everyone’s in for the long run
  • Date coaching available 

Types of Users

  • Mature (40+ mostly)
  • Serious long-term dating

All those romantic souls out there looking forward to the Christmas season and movies need to get on eHarmony if they want to have their love story this Christmastime.

That’s just what eHarmony set out to do – bring high-quality folks together to help them each find a perfect match for a long-term relationship.

eHarmony success rate? Over 2 million people have found love there.

The thing about eHarmony is that you don’t get a professional matchmaker for yourself. Instead, you get detailed luxury matchmaking via their compatibility quiz.

Getting it done is a chore, BUT once you’re done, the system has your detailed profile, and it does a selective search of potential matches for you.

These are based on your personality, preferences, behavior, interests, and many more factors.

Most folks really like how detailed and professional matchmaking services are at eHarmony, but there’s an option for random matches, too, via their What If feature.

>>Jump to eHarmony, the best matchmaking service for true love seekers

6. SilverSingles – Matchmaking Service for 50+

Top Features

  • 2 million active members
  • 60% of users are over 50
  • Verified members
  • 3-7 daily matches
  • Strong security measures

Types of Users

  • 50+ mature singles
  • Serious dating
  • Long-term commitments

SilverSingles may be a small matchmaking service, but it sure is a mighty one, especially for those over 50 – there’s no better matchmaking company for them.

60% of the dating pool on SilverSingles is over 50.

Most of them are verified members, so senior users don’t need to worry about catfishes or any type of scams. There’s top-notch encryption and security measures in place to protect members, and the site is easy to use – just what 50-year-olds need.

How it works is that you get a personality test at the beginning, and then the matchmaking service presents you with 3-7 daily matches based on it.

There’s also dating advice from experts to help seniors navigate online dating and dating again in general.

SilverSingles also has a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) with the same features the website version does, which makes everyone more comfortable.

>>Head to Silver Singles, one of the best matchmaking services for 50+

7. BlackPeopleMeet – Top Matchmaking Services for Black Folks

Top Features

  • 5 million members
  • Biggest niche black dating app
  • Audio, video, and live streaming
  • Casual & serious dating
  • Affordable subscriptions

Types of Users

  • Mostly Black & POC
  • Mostly straight
  • Serious & casual dating

If you’re looking for niche black dating apps, look no further than BlackPeopleMeet. It’s the biggest niche app in the field, and you just can’t beat options.

No fancy features or elite matchmaking can beat a vibrant target user base, and that’s just what you get with BlackPeopleMeet.

The best part? BlackPeopleMeet works whatever your relationship goals – it supports both casual and serious dating.

There’s a Carousel feature for swipe-style speed dating, but there are also advanced search filters for a targeted search if you’re looking for an ideal match.

You can also choose some short but informative questions to send your potential match via the ice-breaker feature.

Our favorite feature by far is the “Connect Me” feature. This feature generates a phone number so you and your partner can speak to each other before the first date without using your real numbers.

>>Jump to BlackPeopleMeet, the top matchmaking service for black people

8. ChristianMingle – Top Dating Service for Christians

Top Features

  • 15+ million members
  • Verified & detailed profiles
  • 29% of US Christian marriages started here
  • All denominations of Christianity 
  • An overall harmonious place

Types of Users

  • Christians (many denominations)
  • Serious long-term relationships
  • Slightly older (mostly 35+)

There are many matchmaking companies that specialize in Christian dating, but if you want the one with the largest dating pool, you’ll go to ChristianMingle.

It has over 15 million members of all Christian denominations.

There’s also the option to choose ‘Other’ as your religion, but let’s face it – people go there to date within their Christian religion.

The big selling point for ChristianMingle is that 29% of US Christian marriages started on-site. This is the number Survate (now Upware) came up with in their survey.

You can look for matches in your Match section or run a search via the Discovery tool. The profiles are verified and very detailed, which is helpful when looking for deeper connections.

But that’s not all.

Christians go along with the times and dating trends, too, so there’s also a swipe-style matching feature called the LookBook. There, you’ll only see another member’s photo and some basic information, and you can ‘hear’ or ‘X’ them.

Overall, ChristianMingle is the top matchmaking service for those looking for a faith-based relationship and marriage.

>>Go to ChristianMingle, one of the best matchmaking services for Christians

Best Matchmaking Services FAQs

Before we leave you to try your luck on some of the matchmaking services you liked most, we’ll take on some questions. We picked some of the most common ones on the topic of the best matchmaking services – maybe yours is among them.

What Is a Matchmaking Service?

A matchmaking service is the process of matching two people for the purpose of casual dating, serious relationships, or marriage. 

It could be just dating sites or matchmaking companies with a full-service matchmaking service with end-to-end support, like Tawkify.

These kinds of matchmaking companies have human dating experts who do in-person interviews with clients and guide them through every step of the way.

Dating sites, on the other hand, rely on algorithms or let members roam around free and do their own matchmaking.

Is It Worth It to Pay for Professional Matchmakers?

It is absolutely worth it to pay for a (reliable) professional matchmaker, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship and having trouble getting there.

Finding true love is the single most underestimated challenge, as the founder of eHarmony, Dr. Neil Clarkl Warren, says.

Having someone with expertise and your best interest at heart guide you through the entire process really goes a long way.

The only complaint we’ve heard from people who have used the services of a master matchmaker is that they’re sorry they hadn’t done it before.

Are Matchmakers Better Than Online Dating?

Whether matchmakers are better than online dating depends on you, your dating needs, and your budget. 

Many people get their happily ever after simply with the help of basic online dating services. General dating sites are better for them as they are easier to use and they are cheaper compared to matchmaking services. 

Other people just seem to be stuck in the world of online dating and in need of more guidance and a tailored approach. Matchmaking services can really be a game changer for them and help them form a meaningful relationship.

You know yourself and your dating history and needs best – you are the best judge of which approach would suit you best.

Which Dating App Produces the Most Marriages?

eHarmony is the dating app that produces the most marriages. 

According to the site, over 600,000 people who have met on eHarmony have tied the knot, and around 500 marriages happen due to eHarmony every day.

Why not try your luck on eHarmony!

Are There Any Affordable Matchmaking Services for Regular People?

If you can’t afford the best luxury and sugar dating sites like most of us, eHarmony offers affordable matchmaking services for regular people like you and me. You get that tailored service via their compatibility quiz and scores at a price that starts at $39.90 a month. 

If you need more help, you can always choose EH+, which offers personalized matchmaking counseling by certified experts.

Try eHarmony here!

Are There Any Matchmaking Services for Young Professionals?

There are many matchmaking services for young professionals, but Elite Singles is the best

It’s the place where high-achievers meet in hopes of forming lasting relationships, and you can get in on it all for only $44.95 a month.

What Is the Most Successful Matchmaking Service?

Tawkify is the most successful matchmaking service, thanks to its human-run and personalized matchmaking. 

80% of Tawkify members who choose their continuous support have ended up with a successful relationship after 8-12 matches. That’s a lot quicker than the 100s of swipes on apps like Tinder!

See why Tawkify has an 80% success rate.

How Much Does Tawkify Pay Matchmakers?

According to GlassDoor, the median pay for a matchmaker at Tawkify is $6,570 per month. The folks who work there also seem to enjoy working there, and 3/4 of the former and current employees would recommend Tawkify to a friend or family member.

Good Luck With the Best Matchmaking Services!

Finding love truly is the most underrated challenge in the human experience, but, much like with other challenges – you don’t have to face it alone.

Matchmaking services really are a game changer, and the only thing people who have used them regret is not doing it sooner.

Tawkify is the best due to its human-run matchmaking, tailored approach, and ongoing support.

Millionaire Match and Seeking are the best options if you’re looking for luxury dating, be it casual or meaningful. 

Like with anything else in life, choose the option that speaks to you, the one that seems to meet your needs best, and when you do, give it your all because you have so much to gain. 
We wish you the best of luck, and we just know you will get there eventually.

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